View Full Version : 1993 xr6 2.5

07-03-2015, 10:51 PM
I recently bought a 93 pro craft super pro 18' the cowling says xr6 2.5 150. But the guy I bought it from said it was to hard to start so in 2009 He took it to a marine dealer and had it converted to a EFI now the ecu on the motor says it's a 2.4? Is there anyway I can tell what I have? Is it a 150,175, or a 200? He said it had a 200 computer on it I haven't taken it off and looked. It's a hand full to drive but will run 74.3 loaded with 2people and I'm turning an old Hopkins 26p prop that has been thinned and worked.

07-22-2015, 02:49 PM
I would look at the serial number on the clamp bracket and see if there are numbers that match on the block then look up on the Mercury website.


08-02-2015, 01:54 AM
There should be a silver freeze plug on the top of the block with a member stamped in it. Write down or take a pic of the #. Your merc dealer, or possibly someone on here, will be able to tell you what powerhead you have

08-02-2015, 01:55 AM
Number not member. Stupid auto correct