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Triad Boats
12-24-2014, 08:26 AM
Mercury Racing 2.5 ROS 20" Offshores that still run great --

Virgins, no windows, no welding, no repairs, never been into by anyone
Leak down 2% to 3% to 6% on any of all 18 cylinders with a Snap-On Leak Down Tester By Certified Mercury Marine Mechanic

All (3) are for sale

I'm going to go to (2) 300 xs motors

If you are interested in purchasing any of these motors:


NO Phone calls, No PMs --- Just email me if you are interested in purchasing a motor -- please no "tire kickers"

Motors are $12,500 each plus freight or you pick up at TRIAD Power Boats in Modoc, SC 29838

I will paint the top cowlings Black for you for free, most east coast people dont like the custom paint job deal
or for $ 500 extra, I can replace the engine cowlings with a TRIAD carbon fiber aftermarket 280 race cowl and bottom pan

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12-24-2014, 09:52 AM
I almost hit the buy it now. I was nervous the enginges may have gone below the water leval when it took on the water.

Triad Boats
12-24-2014, 10:42 AM
Nope....no water problems with engines at all at all. Engines run GREAT.

All you needed to do was pay a professional to go check it out.

Boat will be for sale at end of 2015 boat season with (2) new 300 XS motors on it.
You can hit the " Buy It NOW" button then.

12-24-2014, 11:16 AM
That's great. The silt markings under the deck made me think they could have gone under. And you can start up a wet motor and take videos of it running. 25k seemed to good to be true, expecially when the lister does not say they didnt get wet, but will diclose hints to how full of water the boat got.

Good for you having it "checked out by a proffesional" and congrats on the buy. I was gonna do the same thing, sell off the power, fix my free boat, and put two 300xs on it. But in the long run I want a f26 and a clean original boat....dont worry about me hitting the buy it now in your auction in 2015.

For the record, i am disclosing what I know about the boat just like we see here all the time. I did not know that or if you knew the boats history. It sold months ago so it could hav changed hands a few times.

Cal 47
12-25-2014, 07:06 AM
Interested in carbon cover give me a call 6035222115 my email is dldropski@comcast.net could you send more pics of cover and does it come with hardware and plate?

Triad Boats
12-25-2014, 08:57 AM
Mr Bridgeport:

I just started making these 280 cowlings in Carbon Fiber. We have made 280 cowlings off and on for years for people in different stages; finished, painted urethane automotive Black, with decals and aftermarket hardware and a stainless steel plate in the pan. Complete ready to drop on, skirt included set.

We have also sold them as a "you finish it kit" where you put all the supplied hardware on, you paint it and you get your own decals.

I did this one the other day in carbon, because we were making a carbon fiber exhaust diffuser body panel for a Lamborghini, for a customer, and we had the carbon out on the table (its normally stored wrapped up in plastic and in a box in the supply room).

We made the skirt, face plate, and the main cowling. I still have to make the bottom pan. So, I dont have any pricing calculated yet.
But yes, it will be available as a completed unit, and probably as a "you finish it kit"

I will email pics and pricing when this one is completely finished. We are also in the process of making Plugs and Molds so we can produce 3 liter cowlings.

We also make aftermarket DRAG cowlings in "you finish it kits", or completely finished black, and also offer them in "immersion graphic designs and prints" which are cleared with 2K auto urethane. We do most of those in a carbon fiber print.

If have any other questions, or need info, please contact me at:

Cal 47
12-25-2014, 09:22 AM
Great send info when available also interested in 2.5 cowls too not alien style

Triad Boats
12-25-2014, 09:35 AM
One motor sold, (to certified Mercury mechanic 16+ years experience at Augusta Marine), one motor has sale pending, have one motor available for sale.


Or I might keep the powerhead and put it on the camo boat. Camo boat has a carb 200 2,5 now. You really notice the difference when you drop 80 - 100 horsepower


I will have a left hand Offshore small shaft Sportmaster gearcase compete for sale. Probably a couple of custom painted cowlings, and maybe an Offshore 20" down housing

12-25-2014, 11:21 AM
I love the alien cowling, on the camo boat.

Triad Boats
12-25-2014, 12:53 PM
Sold that cowling...gotta a drag cowling over the carb 200 now. Havent airbrushed it camo yet

Triad Boats
12-28-2014, 12:35 AM
DDT readings on port side RH motor

Total hours.....208.9

78% of total time below 4,000..RPM

DDT Readings Breakdown:

0 to 0999 RPM = 87.5
(Almost half of total hours )

1,000 to 1,599 RPM = 7.2 hrs .

1,599 to 2,999 RPM = 25.6 hrs so now past 50% of total hours below 3,000 RPM.

3,000 - 3,999 RPM = 43.2 hrs
So far 163 hours of 208 total is below 4,000 RPM which is 78% of total hours

4,000-4,999 RPM = 12.6 hours

5,000-5,999 RPM = 4.7 hrs

6,000 - 6,999 RPM = 1.9 hrs

7,000-7,999 RPM = 0.1 ( one tenth of 1 hour ) = 6 minutes

8,000+ RPM = 0.0

21 seconds of RPM limit ( in 15 years of use)

He could have run consumer boxes.
(7,750 limiter)

I guess when you have almost 900 horsepower on the back of a 26' boat designed for 600 you don't need to push it very hard


Triad Boats
12-28-2014, 09:16 AM
looks better with the TRIAD carbon Fiber 280 cowling....
will look even better buffed and decals applied

12-28-2014, 01:12 PM

01-23-2015, 11:10 AM
Wally what do you get for a CF drag cowling in a U finish it kit ? Thanks James

01-30-2015, 10:23 PM
Interested in 2 carbon drag covers give me a call 441 591 2268 my email is bpb24ss@gmail.com you send more pics of cover and does it come with hardware and plate?

01-31-2015, 10:42 AM
dbug10 and 24SS have you guys tried sending Wally an email with your questions he might get back to you sooner...just trying to help

02-02-2015, 03:22 AM
My gf and i had cash in hand ready to drive up and buy this boat last April. Unfortunately the owner took a deposit the day before our planned trip up there. I was sad to see it was for sale on ebay damaged. Such a nice boat and the previous owner had taken great care of it. Are you going to be re using the steering setup? I would like to upgrade the steering on my mach 22 with twins. Let me know if you would be interested in selling.

Triad Boats
02-07-2015, 10:48 PM
Not sure whats going to happen with the steering system just yet, but probably will stay with the boat, I think I have another set of 280 wing plates in the parts room but no helm or cylinders.
A 22 DCB with twins is nice! Had a good friend that had one, was a fun boat.

02-09-2015, 07:59 PM
what exactly you have left?
complete ROS?

Triad Boats
02-09-2015, 10:36 PM
One complete OFFSHORE ROS 280 Hp Mercury Outboard

(1) left hand straight skeg off shore 2.5 sport master small propshaft
(1) right hand straight skeg offshore 2.5 sport master fat propshaft

(1) Factory 280 cowling, black bottom, custom painted top cowl

(1) 1999 DCB Mach 26 with damage to port side

(1) Extreme custom built trailer for DCB Mach 26 w tandem axles, custom wheels and new disc brakes both axles

Speed Jr.
02-10-2015, 03:19 PM
How much for RH Sporty?

Triad Boats
02-18-2015, 09:54 PM
(1) right hand 20" drive shaft straight skeg offshore 2.5 sport master fat prop shaft lower unit.................. $ 1,800 plus freight.............

Make sure you understand Straight back edge skeg, not swept back with tamer.

Will work on your 28 Skater,if you cut the driveshaft to 15", but will not drive safely on a Venom, unless you are buying just for internal parts, and intend to put them in a LU with a swept back skeg.

02-18-2015, 11:16 PM
Can't beat that for straight forward, honest and upfront about what is being offered for sale.
Always been a stand up guy Wally!