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08-13-2014, 09:54 AM
I recently tried to sell this on ebay, but after 'buying' the buyer didn't pay.

Removed from my Velocity 22. Comes with wiring and GPS puck. Puck cable was cut to remove it from the vessel, but is an easy repair - needs new LAN connector.
I do not know how to hook the puck to the Race edition, you will need to know what you are doing, or do some research.
Cable from unit to J-box is included.
I've been told this unit, along with the boat, sat in storage for the last six years.

Race Edition features custom interactive software designed for performance boaters. Engine and vessel operating parameters are sent from Mercury's exclusive PCM 03 microprocessor and displayed real-time on the SmartCraft SC5000 SystemView hardware.

SystemView - Race Edition is also capable of displaying vital information for up to four engines at one time. Over 20 screens are available to display more than 30 engine/boat functions. Many of the screens can be configured by the boat owner to create custom displays for virtually any combination of real-time performance data. Display fonts were purposely designed to be as large as possible for an accurate quick read of vital engine/boat functions in the fast-paced performance boat environment. Unique to SystemView - Race Edition is the patent-pending inches-per-revolution measurement. This information enables the boater to trim outboards/drives and trim tabs to a point in which maximum propeller/hull efficiency is achieved. It also allows for a direct comparison of different drive and propeller combinations that does not rely on the often hard-to-determine pitch of the propeller and eliminates having to update the display every time a propeller or gear ratio is changed. From this data, the operator can easily calculate propeller slip as well as finding out other propeller attributes that can quickly be used to determine what propeller is really needed for a particular race-day, or every-day, by helping to get the best "all-around" setup.

Another screen unique to SystemView - Race Edition is the drive/tab trim position screen. Trim tab and propeller icons display real-time trim positions for each on a scale of 0-10. The home page, similar to a website, features five directories (Favorites, SystemView Race Edition, Slide Show, Tanks and Trip Log) which are customizable as well.

Trip Log provides the boater with vital information such as peak speed and fuel mileage. Anglers will appreciate the interactive troll control, also accessible from the home page, which enables the operator to set engine rpm at a fixed point for a constant, hands free trolling speed. The tank directory enables the boater to get a quick read of fuel tank levels. A single main menu allows quick access to data such as engine run history, engine and vessel fault data, as well as, all calibrations and configurations. The system is easy to configure. Initial set-up is where the operator inputs vessel information including number of engines, engine rotation and engine location in the boat.

The operator can then set the display configuration independent of the number of engines. For example, for a dual engine application, the helm could be configured with one display dedicated for each engine, or with both engines on one screen. In either case, SystemView - Race Edition still displays complete vessel system information, overall vessel fuel consumption and performance data, as an example, even though the screen may be configured primarily as a single engine display.

Engine Data:

Engine RPM
Engine Water Pressure
Engine Coolant Temperature
Engine Oil Pressure
Engine Oil Temperature
Engine Fuel Flow
Battery Voltage
Engine Boost Pressure
Engine Fuel Pressure
Fuel Pressure Delta (regulated fuel pressure)

Vessel Data:

Boat Speed (from Pitot, Paddle Wheel, or GPS)
Water Depth
Fuel Tank Levels
Air Temperature
Sea Temperature
Port, Starboard and Center Trim Tab Position
Outboard/Drive Trim Position
Inches Traveled Per Engine Revolution
Remote Oil Tank Levels
Boat Fresh Water Tank Levels
Boat Waste Water Tank Levels
Total Vessel Fuel Flow Range
Fuel Used
Average Fuel Mileage (0.01 resolution)
Instant Fuel Mileage (0.01 resolution)
Peak Speed
Bearing to Waypoint
Speed Over Ground
Course Over Ground
Distance to Waypoint
Time to Waypoint (Calculated from GPS data)
Fuel to Waypoint (Calculated from GPS data)

Does not have cover or instructions

$1000 +shipping PayPal
Shipping is 14"x7"x6" 6lbs from 54935