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01-26-2014, 08:28 PM
OK so i bought this last summer and i just now got to put it on. Its the straight shifter from REX marine with lock. It wasn't too hard to install and if i did it with no instructions i'm sure most would be able to do it as well but maybe this will save some people some time. Hope it helps or is interesting!

Tools needed,
Drill, drill bit for bolt size, 1 1/8 paddle bit or hole bit, 3/8 deep socket and ratchet, 7/8 wrench or socket, tape measure or dial caliper, straight edge, tape and a marker. (vacuum if you want to keep it clean!)

Step one... Remove the 7/16 bolt from the center of the shifter on the back side and remove the link and shift knob so all you have is the base.
291108Step two measure the distance center to center of the mounting bolts.
291109 Step three Tape off the area where you want to mount the shifter and mark your two top holes first. Remember Make these level so the shifter will be straight up when in neutral. Use a drill bit a touch bigger than the bolt size. Check the back side of your surface for wires before drilling as well!!
291110291111 Step four measure down to the bottom bolt and check from both sides to make sure you get it the same length from both top holes. Then drill.

See step five bellow.

01-26-2014, 08:31 PM
291112Step five Mark a straight line from center to center of each hole. Then the line going from each hole you need to find the middle of that and mark it. Do this for all three sides. connect all of your half way marks to create an "X" The center of that is where to drill the 1'' 1/8'' hole. Sorry i didn't take any pictures of that.

291113push just the base through and tighten the three nuts on the back side. Push the handle through and re attach the link and 7/16'' bolt.
Hooking the cable up is going to be different on most boats i think so i didn't take any picture of mine but all i did was hook the cable up and mounted the cable solid to the back side of the bunk. Mine works great and i'm very happy with the final product!!!:D