View Full Version : Hey, Bruce Washburn , I need a ph #

Eagle One
01-25-2003, 12:16 PM
I hope your not freezing down there. It's cold here. I thought I'd thank you for the info about the race, but the post disappeared. Must have been all that hot air out the backside of the guy who registered about the 9 of September to try to flame people. Seems he struck out several times trying to solicit negative comments so he just made some of his own and got yanked. Seems like I saw a rule about negative post. Now his profile shows no post as everything he's posted under that name has been pulled. Ever wonder why there's always some jealous "wanna be" spountin' off that know's nothing about anything ?? Lot of good people here, it's a shame some people don't discipline there kid's today. My daughter had a dog with the same name once but he had class. Going down to the shop today to work on some of my own stuff so we can race with you some more this year. Had a blast last year even though we didn't make all the races. You don't by chance have Homer Greens PH #. Tried to reach Dean and didn't get an answer. One of Homer's friends , Charles Craig, was asking how to contact Homer. Thanks again.
Eagle One

Fl Boy in ILL
01-25-2003, 02:30 PM
I'm sure somebody will repost the info about the race but after reading that last comment by whomever (only 2 post) I glad to see it gone and hope they never return.

Rick Conklin

Eagle One
01-27-2003, 10:27 AM
The Crescent City race is March 15/16 and will be both OPC and Drags. The Mod-U/F-1 class is not listed . We hope to have a Supersport boat to run. There is another SO-PRO-OPC-IN race 4/12/13/03 in Lakeland and the Drag Nationals/OPC Eustis Spring Shootout is 4/26/27/03.
As for the post from the anonymous poster. We went through a period with the infamous JR several years ago. Jealousy and envy from those to ignorant to accomplish anything in there lives drives children with no upbringing to seek being noticed by any means as their lack of ability and accomplishments eats at them and they have no choice but to attack others. It's a child syndrom so the head doctors say. Maybe he missed his ritalin.
Eagle One

Bruce Washburn
01-27-2003, 04:36 PM
Noah, I am fairly sure that Homer still lives in Hobe Sound FL. I saw him about a year ago at the Miami Show. I think he still has a boat or two in storage.
I missed the post from the anonymous poster. You will have to bring me up to speed the next time I see you.