View Full Version : Allison river racer 1991 still have original mso never titled maybe 50 hours

08-02-2013, 09:54 AM
I bought new from ALLISON....... hull weighed 625 going on trailer.at factory always stored inside looks new, new seastar pro helm in 2009 new aluminum tank(about 20 gal) in 2009 boat sat inside for over 10 years probably not 50 hours total time since new. Hot Foot Bobs manual jack,10 micron fuel filter long single rear cowl, short 2 percon aft cowl allison side upholstery panels dual allison seats. ran 100+ with 3.0 evinrude gps 86.9 with small block evinrude intruder 175.
will sell several ways to suit your taste/engine preference.


seastar pro,allison buckets,upholstery, aluminum gas tank, gil bat box,passenger anodized grab handles,10 micron filter, long and short rear cowls,bobs manual jack plate, allison 2 tone stripes, boat very clean never sat outside never had water in bilge, fast enough to race ability for 2 people for lake and river racing will run 80 with a 150 no rigging, dash has holes for 2 3/38 gauges and 1 2 1/8 gauge HULL ONLY $6500.00

Aluminum single axle trailer leaf springs 6 bunks for bottom support,mag wheels, pullout tounge,so boat fits in single car garage,super clean maybe 500 miles total, new in 2008,09 TRAILER FITTED TO ALLISON $ 1200.00

1992 Evinrude 1ntruder 175 20 inch shaft low low hours sat over 10 years put 15 hours on it in last 6 weeks, bobs nose cone allison style torque tab welded and custom 3 inlets on cone has 25 psi water pressure all the time, ficht reeds, high speed jets up .002 and .003, lightened motor cover with 4 square inches of ram air direct the carbs stock original paint color and cowling decals, rev limiter still stock, 6050 with STOCKevinrude sstrx gps 86.9 last month bumping the rev limiter, also have spare ALLISON stamped merc drag chopper 26 inch pitch MOTOR PRICE IS

Boat fully rigged and turn key ready today. 6500.+1200+4000 IS $11,700.00

If delivery to eastern tenessee area or anywhere between fort lauderdale and north carolina tenesse would help sale I am leaving fort lauderdale august 23 to head to boone carolina and could bring boat to you,,,,your choice boat only, with motor, and or wtih trailer. we meet and all I want to bring it is you fill up my AVALANCHE gas tank 1 time.
you can call my shop 9547637729, you can see the boat in action here on scream and fly in general discussion section, keys run video from a month or so ago i got 86.9 gps that day and showed 81 earlier in day then 86.9...you can see ALLISON on my you tube ...joelsoutboards280327280326...

write, advise, talk, look make decision, buy...and go fast I loved this boat for 20 years, had heart attack about a month ago, and will not run it for 6 months or so...but you can ......buy and fly joel

08-09-2013, 11:45 AM
Can you send me some pictures to blessedchess@bellsouth.net Thanks Todd

08-11-2013, 08:44 AM
Is the boat still for sale? Please contact me to discuss details 865-201-2432 Thanks

nelson edens
08-12-2013, 07:24 AM
I think the boat has been sold and going to Charlotte, NC