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Ted Stryker
02-25-2013, 05:26 PM
Looking at maybe putting a trolling motor on the xb02... Looking at something in the 45-55lbs. thrust range with foot control... Anybody tried the V2 that steers electrically..? I love the concept because I don't care for heavy pedals and overswing, but not sure how the electric steering system holds up to a few knocks or if it drains a battery noticeable quicker.. Don't want a hand control...

The 45-55lbs thrust Minnkota EDGE would my other option.. It's a traditional foot control 24v... What's ya'lls thoughts.?

02-26-2013, 04:55 PM
my shop is an ASC for MK.

the shaft on the pd v2 is actually thicker than the standard trollers. and the mount is second toughest to the terrova.
and the whole thing is MUCH lighter.
the biggest issue for most bass fisherman is the electric steer is slower reacting than a cable steer. you just gotta be "ahead" of it. in stumps it's a big disadvantage.
you can always upgrade the standard power drive to auto pilot and i Link. that thing will track a contour line or just stay put, or you can program it to go from one spot to another and never touch it.. fishin all the way.
we have a 70lb PD V2 in stock and on sale for 600.00.. Brand NEW.

03-01-2013, 05:35 AM
Steves right,the i pilot system is a great advantage,can set waypoints,and the dang thing will hold the line,(even in heavy wind)while you cast yer butt off,all day long,just gotta watch for stumps,lol,,,,,,,,,it has a foot pedal for a backup, in the 55-75lb range,I have used the MG wireless units,but they aren't as "smart" as the MK,they are just a cool key fob,remote from anywhere in the boat,but on a lighter boat they still beat a foot pedal all day long. Also another advantage on a boat that you don't fish alot,and dont want tranducers and cables everywhere,is the newer units with the ducer's built into the motor head,might interest you,,anyhow,steve's a good guy to deal with,I'm sure he can hook you up.!

03-01-2013, 08:45 AM
thanks varmit.
another kewl thing we carry here now too is the transducer shield and saver products. they have some really nice transducer protectors for trollers.

the terrova and power drives are not very popular here at lake fork except with the crappie fisherman.

03-01-2013, 09:11 AM
Lol, i've seen those stump fields on that pond !! The boat would look like a drunk driver at the helm on gps trail there. I personally have aMK 101 tiller, love a tiller in the slop i fish, i have the ol trusty MG 82 digital tour for backup,steve i'm gonna check out your site on the ducer shied's,aren't you also the kippewa props dealer?

03-01-2013, 09:14 AM
we had to stop carrying the kipawa props as were are a MK ASC. the kipawa props void the warranty on the MK trollers. :(
they are good props and are trully weedless. and there warranty (lifetime) is the real deal. they are hard to break. i gave one to a couple of guides
and asked them to try n break them.. they couldn't...lol

03-01-2013, 09:19 AM
Really, i wondered how that prop would work, they dont get alot of press cvg., i want one for my 82 lb MG, digi tour, if ya got any old stock still around ?

03-01-2013, 10:22 AM
i only have one left. for a pre 03 MK.
you can buy direct from them.

Ted Stryker
03-01-2013, 06:23 PM
The backwater and oxbows that I'm fishing more than 1/2 the time are at least stumpy as Lake Fork, likely worse so I'm not even considering a gps track system... My concern was how well the steering drive held up to being spun around and jerked by hitting stumps and cypress trunks due to wind, waves, or just lack of notice by the operator... Also wondering how quiet is the electric steering drive, does it transmit a sound into the water via the shaft like a servo noise or something... In reality, I'll probably end up with a traditional foot control in the 55lbs range and use a large battery if it's a 12v unit...

Thanks for all the replies so far, I've read and given thought to each one and keep'em coming if you got'em... I never tire of reading useful information...

03-02-2013, 05:38 AM
well,the motor guide wireless,has a noisy transmission box,you definitely here it while turning, If it's that windy,and stumpy,your gonna' beat the crap out of your motor,I would lean more towards a tiller,I love mine,when I used it in tourney's,I still have it,and it's a MK 101,it's a beast,and turns quicker than any foot pedal,it just needs 3 batteries,and of course 1 hand to run it,but you do have better vision of what's directly under your bow with a tiller,as you are standing on the bow,instead of sitting, why I use the 82, it's 24v and the digital,with AGM batteries,will go all day and 75 less lbs.,in the back of my boat,with just 2 batteries,,If your crashing stumps,your gonna transmit noise with anything,you need a really light boat,to run just a 12 volt motor,in high winds and current,they just poop out too quick,and I think you will be disappointed with overall performance.with an ally,you are gonna likely want something with a quick release,so,you can just leave the mounting plate and remove the whole motor when you are just cruising and not fishing,and I think 3 trolling batts and a cranking batt,is more weight than you want in an ally,my hydrostream basser was only 650lbs,so,a W 55 MGuide pulled it around real well,was only 12 volt,and had a nice small 12x8" flat stock aluminum mounting plate,and 1 quick release knob and it was on and off in 30 seconds,I'm sure MK has something similar.

03-02-2013, 08:40 AM
we just finished up rebuilding a riptide (terrova model) the gear box is actually pretty quiet. no noticeable vibrations transmitted down the shaft at all.
minn kota says it's the strongest mount of all trollers. due to it being shorter. the shaft on these models are thicker (although they can still crack)
gear box failure is not something that these models are known for.

it does turn slower than a cable steer. and if your not gonna use the gps system, then personally i would stick with the maxum.