View Full Version : 3rd event for East Coast Drag Boat Association

07-11-2001, 11:29 PM
ECDBA will have its 3rd event in Plymouth, NC on Sunday
Aug. 12, 2001. Weigh-in and registration 9:00 AM until
11:30 AM. No testing permitted day of race. Three churches within 2 blocks of the river. Drivers meeting 12:00 noon. Racing as soon as drivers meeting is over. 252-752-7880, 638-1526

ECDBA as a nonprofit organization is raffling a 1995 HD(15 miles)to assist the Plymouth Neighbornood Watch Program and
to assist the ODBA's Speedvision expenses. Void where prohibited. 18 yrs old to purchase ticket. Only 300 to be sold.