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Skater 32
09-25-2011, 06:16 PM
Here is what was done this week . Most know that I'm supper fussy about my rigging and this is the reason it takes my forever to complete . All outboards have rigging tubes and the Opti cowl has one oversize tube kit from mercury and with offshore clamp trim pump is in boat and every other boat . I have re-engineered the trim lines to be run in the rigging tube . All H-P outboards use wing-plates for steering and to do this the stock cowl pans have to be trimmed to install and 99% of the time everyone leaves area under plate exposed and unfinished . I made a one piece skirt from two halves of a lower 3 Litre pan that were carefully trimmed and glassed together and to install you just kind of spread the front in install . Most know of heads up or (pop up ) indicators from say Stainless marine , well I bought their sticks and made my own panel with clean screw-less bezel . Here is the big change , mine will operate with 1/16 stainless aircraft wire and Teflon jacket , that is the easy part . I'm in process of working out a few details on redesigning the outboard actuator that is large , unsightly and the use a 33 series cable that again is ugly and has its own entry hole . With my actuator it will be hidden , use a super this easy glide cable that can make super tight radii with impeding cable movement which will enable me to run Trim Actuator cable in rigging tube . I also new Mercury swivel pins and lower yoke and wanted much better corrosion protection on bolt other than Plated bolts supplied from Mercury . The lower solid mounts and yoke were over-sized to 5/8 armor coat grade 8 bolts and upper were upgraded to armor coat grade 8 as well .<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Skater 32
09-25-2011, 06:21 PM
More pics