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04-02-2011, 04:19 PM
Some have ask for a "HOW TO" on doing this mod to the stock 300x mid, so here goes......
Please note that I'd already cut mine so the pics are for your reference.

Clean your mid with Windex so the tape will stick. Now apply "BLUE PAINTERS TAPE" generously as shown;


Now layout the opening that you'll be cutting out. Side lines are 1/2" in from the sides on the same angle. I used a machinest square to establish the height of the bottom and top lines. Bottom cut line was 1 1/8" up and the top cut line was 3 3/8" up, see pics as reference;

This is the rib in the pic below you don't want to cut out;



Next, using a 1/4" flat washer, marker the 4 corner radius, also mark the center of the washer as this is where your center punch will go for drilling.


Once all 4 radius's are marked, use a center punch and punch the centers 4 places.

Now apply Duct Tape all around the edges from the cut line outward. 3 layers is good. It's to protect your mid from scratches while cutting, see example below;


Now drill the 4 holes starting with a 1/8" drill bit as a pilot hole, then drill out to 1/2" 4 places. Once that's done your ready to use a jig saw with a new fine tooth blade. Cut the mid from one hole to the others, breaking into each one as you cut and change angle to the next hole ans so on. This is what you'll have when your done. Last but not least, now smooth out all the cut lines and break all sharp edges, than apply some BLACK Automotive touch up paint to all the bare aluminum. Now get out there and make some noise....:reddevil:


06-17-2011, 05:25 AM
Nice work thanks for sharing....