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02-22-2011, 11:06 PM
I just purchased a 200 mercury and going by the serial number its an 85 model. The motor was built and had been on a stand for over 15yrs. Looks like it just came from the factory. I got it for a great price and wanted to put it on a 99 model boat but I want it to look like it belongs there. Any suggestions? I thought of going alien style cowl or just anything as new looking as the boat but im not sure what I can make fit. Also the serial number says the motor is a 3.4L 200 that was made in 85 and 86. Is this correct or am I reading it wrong? if so what do I have? Good or Bad? Just getting into this so im trying to fill my brain with as much info as I can. Thanks

03-15-2011, 02:01 PM
To change to a newer style cowling or Alien Style cowling you will have to change out the pan, below the powerhead and the cowl. The Alien cowls are very cool looking and when I have an extra $600 I might get one myself.

The alien cowls are also lightweight which is cool. If you boat is carbed you may want to talk to your mechanic as the Alien cowl may allow the motor to breath better also and cause it to blow up if the jetting is not adjusted accoringly for the increased airflow.

03-22-2011, 11:41 PM
...2.4L 200...

Pretty much the same engine I have on my Scarab. Mine has the lovely first-gen Merc EFI setup, I finally Nick at Nicks Marine and Performance (150aintenuff) who finally made this thing run properly since maybe the mid-90s.

Nick and I were at the NW roundup last September breaking in the rebuilt motor (spun a main bearing and took out the #2 piston + marred the head) and since we were playing with a few different props and engine heights, he pulled the front cover on the 3 piece cowl off while I was driving. I didnt touch anything and the engine picked up 200rpms instantly. Major cowl restriction, we pulled the whole cowl off and gained another 100rpms over just the front.

So needless to say its getting a bucket cowl currently (also lets us use the 40A charging system), pull the front piece off your cowl and see if you pick up rpms. If you do, then a cowl upgrade might be worth it.

But as xb03fs said, if you're carbed make sure you dont lean it out too much!