View Full Version : Must have kit for 2.4-2.5-3.0 owners with hp or offshore clamps

Skater 32
02-16-2011, 09:25 PM
As most of you know that own a offshore style clamp the upper stainless pin @ ram is prone to cracking because of hole drilled through it for set screw . Trust me check your engine and if you have any play or slop @ upper ram it is because the pin is cracked and sooner or later the hole in mid will wear or crack . I supply you with new stainless solid upper ram pivot pin ( REPLACES merc # 841199) and two stainless block-off plates so you can remove those ugly tilt out locking levers that belong on a fishing motor . Here a few pics .
Fits all offshore or h-p clamps , 2.4-2.5-3.0 -300x -300xs , all !!
125.00 free shipping lower 48 , papal ok