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09-05-2010, 07:49 AM
Hi all, I have a 36ft offshore style boat, fitted with twin 5.7 mercruiser 260hp motors, on Alpha 1 drives. I have just picked up two Chevy 6.5 diesels, with twin turbo's (see pic), on TRS 400 drives, through velvet gearbox's. Can anyone tell me

1. I believe the drives are "TRS 400īs" would this be a good drive for the 330 hp?
2, I was told about a small oil leak, from the back of one drive, behind the U/J. Anyone know where I could get a replacement for this seal (presuming this is the fault)?
3, Is the TRS and the Alpha 1 drives the same size transom cutout?

Well, this is the start, hope some of you can help out.



09-06-2010, 02:43 AM
IMHO no way :nonod:
I think you would be better off with 2 new stock MERC BBC's and Bravos :thumbsup: Buy the blowers motors if your pocketbook will handle it. :eek:
You ought to, and better check with the hull manufacturer first. :iagree:
That swap will be lots of work and $$. :mad:
TRS are kinda outdated, hard and costly to repair.
You will have to go way forward to do the install maybe chopping the boat up and changing the center of gravity. May ride bow heavy. :o
Diesels stink and the fuel ain't cheap no more! :reddevil:
Good luck with whatever ya do. :cheers: