View Full Version : new rig

07-04-2001, 09:18 PM
well i have finnaly purchased my first "prefromance boat"
its a 1and a half foot delta and has a 75 evinrde on it. itdoes 55 and i am now getting used to it. it has a small chine walk but not to bad. its a really sharp boat and will be nice as a first. I have a small chine walk problem that i think can be fixed with some modifications with the settup, like some new motor mounts. i am also looking into getting a foot throttle and maybe some trim, but i am looking to keep it as light as possible. i am also thinking of either re-enforcing the transome or replacing it. i would like some advice about if i should replace or re-enforce the transome. it has a bit of give when i am acceleating and going at top speed.

75 evinrude