View Full Version : Powerboat Superleague on European TV!

Superleague Media
11-21-2008, 03:15 PM
We are excited to announce that RMG's coverage of the Powerboat Superleague's running of the 2008 UIM World Championships in Marietta, OH will be seen in Europe in 2009!

Our program, which, to date, has won three national awards for television production excellence, will be seen on the new cable channel America Extreme. The channel is seen via cable and satellite in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Northern Italy.

In August and September of 08, the show aired a record 10 times on FSN Pittsburgh. Then, it aired twice Nationally in Prime Time on the America One TV network in November.

Add everything up, and the races (and the drivers and their sponsors) will be seen in over 40 million homes around the world!

Want to check it out for yourself? Go to www.superleaguemedia.com (http://www.superleaguemedia.com/) and you can watch it on-line. Or, buy a DVD that's filled with bonus features and video! (What a great stocking-stuffer!)

Congrats to the crew and everyone involved with the race! (Just wait till you see what happens in 2009!)
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