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glen e
09-30-2007, 01:28 PM
I have had about 10 hours to play around with Merc’s new “Vessel view” display package for smartcraft engines. As far as I know, it is for engines released in 2007 and cannot be retrofitted. It carries a MSRP of $1000. Is it worth it? Of course you know I’m gonna say yes. But it has reduced the amt of space for other guages on the boat.. It’s in a 5 x 7” display. Well thought out for the future in that all setting are saveable on the back by USB memory stick and there is an Ethernet connector for future integration. It’s much more than just the engines as it displays all tank levels – including waste and water, generator data if you have one, and nav data. I think YF is using VV exclusively for all Merc data display. I would still add water pressure link gauges as I like that level of direct access. Let’s look at the unit…
The unit is totally waterproof and has a non reflective screen. Will it last? Time will tell. Merc says the screen is resistant to scratches but so does every other display mfr and the many other coatings have had some problems with saltwater. A “navprotector” might be a good idea. The display is as clear as any daylight TFT screen from RM, Furuno or Garmin. It is also color which has some real use in the functionality of the unit. The buttons on the side decide if you want, engine, vessel, nav or environmental data to display.
There are 18 screens that group data diff ways. Here are the six I use most often:
The first and probably most important screen is the engine data screen. Here for your review:
The main screen that tells it all when in operation:
Next is the Performance/fuel screen:
Here is a screen that is unique to the industry – “cruise control” ….no more using the throttle – just dial up you RPM you want and it’ll hold it:
Vessel status:
Trip log:
Very cool - Fuel calcs to a waypoint – Using your GPS speed and smartcraft fuel flow data:

Wish list:
1.The grey flange piece needs to be upgraded to chrome or colors to match the boat. The big Sea Ray owners are gonna need it in faux wood trim!
2. None of the screens have an instant MPG like the smartcraft speedo
3. The screen could be brighter for CC type boats.
4. I wish I could eliminate things I don’t need like the generator screen,
5. Have the 2 or 3 fav screens, hold for 3 secs and roll over to the other.
6. Touchscreen?
I’ll report later what other things I find but for now, I don’t know anyone else that is this far ahead in instrumentation….

glen e
09-30-2007, 01:34 PM
complete 150 page manual here: