View Full Version : Combining fixtures.

07-02-2007, 09:03 PM
I needed to make 2 thru-hulls. Bilge pump and fuel vent.
I cast 2 blanks and machined them, the casting was junk.
I recast 3 more and one was porous and the others junky as well.
So I decided to lost wax cast them and do away with the machining. LWC also lets you make anything you want. The design constraints don't really exist. If you can model it in wax you can cast it.

Then I got a stainbrorm. Make the 2 fittings into one fitting.
Thats the idea. Combine stuff into a single fixture to clean up the look and the part.
Something like this don't need machining or casting. It could be a chunk of aluminum with 2 screw in hose fittings. Its more about the idea of combining things normaly thought of as seperate but are being stuck in the same location anyway. Maybe a cleat and a nav lights kind of thing.
I was spoda cast it now but it takes 1 hour to melt so maybe I'll have some twisted garbage or something interesting to post tomarrow.