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11-28-2006, 08:57 PM
37yr old 11yr ARMY vetran is looking for someone that wants to invest in a well deciplined and dependable mechanic. The reason I say invest is I am looking for a company that will pay for my training at MMI Orlando. I am currently in Afghanistan but will start school in JUN 07.

I will also be looking for part time work in Orlando. I'm a good auto mechanic, a fair marine mechanic (thats why I'm taking classes) and have done everything from welded to installing swimming pools.

Bottom line here is, I've gotta a family to support and I can't do a good job if I'm gone every other year. If your in the Orlando area please keep me in mind. Thanks guys jkgracej@yahoo.com

02-04-2007, 02:21 PM
I recommend you find full time employment with a marina or service facility in Jacksonville when you return at the standard going start wage of about 8.00-11.00/hr doing whatever it takes to get the work you desire. Going to MMI will only cost you $25000.00, a full time year and a half where you reasonably cannot work a full time job. at graduation you will find work at a marine facility for 8.00/hr. You will not find a Marine dealer or otherwise who will send you to MMI.

In other words - don't waste your time, your money, your family's sacrifice for an outcome that won't yield what you seek.

You need to strongly re-evalute that decision.

Two other things:

1. Demand to know from your "recruiter" at the school what you will be "factory certified" to work on when you graduate.

2. Any reputable marina or service facility will send you to factory training (if you are as mechanically saavy as you imply) which is much more credible than the training you will recieve at MMI.

Good luck.