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  1. Why I am not on face book.
  2. Dickís Sporting Goods Doubles Down: Hires Three Anti-Gun Lobbyists
  3. Those poor farmers, just remember Trump Loves you.
  4. Stupid kids
  5. No income taxes?
  6. Bilateral Breakfast with NATO Secretary General in Brussels, Belgium...
  7. Gowdy - Strzok
  8. Pretty good timing....
  9. How about this guy?
  10. Your TV Hero
  11. New Face of the Democrat Party
  12. Deep State in Total Panic & Fully Exposed
  13. A the Core of Liberalism...........
  14. Anyone see Whoopie blow a gasket?
  15. Joe Rogan on Socliasm
  16. Russian Comrades at work again
  17. This Week Recap
  18. Interesting Take on Sarah Jeong and Racism
  19. The truth about Global Warming
  20. Terrorist Training for School Shooters
  21. Wtf?
  22. Never know who your neighbor is.....
  23. Dumbas..
  24. Early Trump rally
  25. He actually tells the truth then gets slammed for it
  26. Trump, swamp, and russia
  27. US Steel
  28. thought i would post it here and not the meemes thread
  29. another good one
  30. "Front Hole"
  31. Mollie Tibbetts Killed by Illegal Alien
  32. Something beautiful being built in the desert....
  33. Paris is a Sh*thole
  34. Video of Huma Abedin every American Needs to See
  35. Gamers shooting
  36. 1791
  37. Police Report: Beto OíRourke Tried to Flee Scene of Drunk-Driving Crash
  38. Why I don't shop at Amazon and Walmart.
  39. North of Havasu Accident
  40. This is what the democraps are pushing in FL for Governor.
  41. Treason put to music
  42. No More Levis
  43. Kids getting dropped off at wrong bus stop
  44. WH press conference
  45. Tesla.... Oooops
  46. Jim Carrey
  47. Obama refers to himself 102 times during 64-minute speech
  48. Why all the fuss over tariffs on China?
  49. Unhinged liberals make death threats over a billboard ad.
  50. September 11, 2001
  51. (((google)))
  52. Need some Miller reality
  53. Socialism huh
  54. Did ya realize if you replace ONE letter democrats you get....
  55. Say what you want about Maxine Waters but...
  56. Audit results from the Inspector General"s report.
  57. President Trump donates fourth-quarter salary to infrastructure projects
  58. We are going backwards
  59. Can someone tell me how Nike stocks are going up?
  60. Kavanaugh
  61. I, I, I, me, me, me.......
  62. Trumps speach at the U.N. meeting today
  63. Illegal immigrant population likely double, possibly triple previous estimates
  64. Yep..
  65. Looks like Florida will have another Republican Governor :-)
  66. Rev. Al has his own show????
  67. New film shows how evil farmers are!!!
  68. More winning! You tired of winning yet?
  69. Proof from the horses mouth
  70. Ruh Roh!
  71. Amazon's Alexa caught spreading lies/propaganda
  72. Misandrist?
  73. Stormy!!!
  74. old guys remember this
  75. do deficits matter?
  76. You want to see crazy?
  77. Lock Him Up
  78. Migrants, man does this lady get it....
  79. Hate Speech?
  80. The Devil Himself
  81. New Democrat Campaign Ad.....
  82. Migrant invasion
  83. Bombs sent?
  84. FBI top secret!
  85. In Florida please vote!!!
  86. heres what the left thinks
  87. When you go to disney world....
  88. "Beto" O'Rourke using campaign dollars to fund migrant invasion
  89. Never forget these two
  90. Synagogue vandalism
  91. A true gun owner
  92. democraps
  93. minnesota got screwed
  94. Georgia dodged a bullet
  95. Compelling!!!
  96. Ginsburg Down!
  97. Forgive Obama?
  98. On this Fl BS...voting..
  99. The Sky is falling
  100. But MSM said they were a month out?
  101. Democrats already going after their own....
  102. Michelle's new book
  103. Talk.talk,talk...
  104. Daniel Best - suicide?
  105. Kayne
  106. Social Justice Or Backwards Activism?
  107. Un Migrant Compact: The Death of Nations
  108. Vote recount and accusation cost fix-
  109. Petition to seat Alex Jones next to Jim Acosta
  110. Jim Acosta is Reintroduced back into the Press Briefing Room
  111. Canada, media catastrophy. Beware!
  112. Who Else Missed This?
  113. Another moslem attack MSM swept under the rug.
  114. GM Canada in Oshawa
  115. Trade war
  116. Ahhhh hmmm..
  117. cough, cough, cough, cough..... cough, cough, cough, cough, cough
  118. Breath of sanity?
  119. Why do "they" have to be saved from "themselves" in the first place???
  120. Obama takes credit for increase in oil/gas drilling and production in Houston,Tx.
  121. Rodney
  122. Migrant Caravan
  123. Rigged
  124. Black Mississippi woman wears Confederate flag and noose to vote
  125. Usmca
  126. Liberal Politics Cause Christmas Grand Marshal to bel Dismissed
  127. Sharpton ripping off his own charity
  128. Former chairman for the Democratic Party charged with distribution of child porno....
  129. Dan Pena rips climate change liberal. My new HERO!!!
  130. Trump right again? say it ain't so!!
  131. China ??
  132. Socialistic impulses?
  133. How many illegal aliens do you think are on welfare?
  134. France yellow vests
  135. A case for wage growth, a better economy FOR ALL
  136. After the funeral, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady .............
  137. Jail Bird
  138. You Reap What You Sow
  139. Merry Christmas Q
  140. What Liberals are Doing with OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!
  141. Demosocialists Against Trump
  142. Major?
  143. Us Attorney doing some good work in NY.
  144. Stand up to the rule of Law
  145. Are you a Tool
  146. Ex-felons have voting rights restored by Louisiana Legislature
  147. While we're on the subject .. Political correctness
  148. The wall
  149. James Comey's net worth
  150. Tucker to critics: We are not intimidated
  151. How's that sanctuary city policy working out for you Sherriff?
  152. True Colors
  153. F$$K Our Big Government!!!
  154. FB Is Suspending Accounts For Calling Cpl. Singh's Killer An Illegal Immigrant
  155. New York Muslims have a new security patrol group
  156. Another Arkancide?
  157. This is funny
  158. My take on "globle warming" and more BS..
  159. IRS Defends Giving Refunds to Illegal Immigrants, Thanks to Obama
  160. Happy New Year Canada!
  161. Knoxville Fire Captainís Son Killed By Illegal With No Driverís License, No Insurance
  162. And when the band you're in starts playing different tunes, ....
  163. He wasn't white!!!
  164. Left leaning television shows
  165. Google Bias
  166. Some people..
  167. Trump, Syira, and Turkey gobbling......
  168. Trump's border speech
  169. Steven colbert has it figured out
  170. And the talk about Trump's son
  171. Stop the world, I wanna get off...
  172. So being a Christian should not entitle a person to Secret Service protection....
  173. China commits to 1.2 trillion in imports from the US
  174. Mad Maxine
  175. Womenís March Leader Claims Questions about Anti-Semitism Were Racist
  176. Mental health test needed?
  177. Man in custody for 4 'brutal' killings that shook Reno communities: Officials
  178. Nathan Phillips, AKA Nathan Stanard, Native American Drummer Dude was NOT Nam Vet
  179. Trump love
  180. Karnak
  181. Sucks to be a baker!
  182. Government "Shut Down"
  183. the destabilization of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN has begun
  184. Ya mean Micheal Jackson was really a pervert?
  185. What's next, allowing child molestation?
  186. Jussie Smollett
  187. Ted Cruz GOES Off On Democrats For Not Paying Coast Guard During Shutdown
  188. Dems ..
  189. Everything is Racist Now
  190. Nancy blows Don a Kiss ...
  191. Maga!!!
  192. Who is ready to give up the engine on their boat in ten years?.
  193. Go get'em! Pirro is pissed...
  194. Dumb butt...
  195. AOC lightning round
  196. Trade war is working
  197. Women these days
  198. Presidential Runners for 2020
  199. Better than Tide pods I guess....
  200. OAC more BS..
  201. Bernie Sanders
  202. Voter ID EO
  203. have we forgotten
  204. Identity fraud....
  205. The Truth About the 'ISIS Bride'
  206. Tax refunds..........
  207. Another Smullet faux hate crime? He killed his pets in the procees.
  208. Democrat Freudian Slip Lands Herself in Hot Water!
  209. Trumps new song
  210. Weekend at RBG'S
  211. Ohio General Assembly defeats Kasich vetoes of gun, pay raise bills
  212. Maga
  213. Trump Response To Green New Deal
  214. The "climate kids" suing the government
  215. AOC.... lock her up too
  216. AOC Campaign finance laws being broke
  217. Damn racist trees!!!!
  218. Anyone see the lastest R-Kelly interview?
  219. But, but, but Orange Man Bad!!!
  220. :)
  221. Anti-bigotry resolution
  222. Obimbo gave a medal to Degeneres
  223. Fox pulls Judge Jeanine Piro's show
  224. No thread about the recent mass-killings?
  225. Do or Die moment for the Dems...
  226. Well the Donna Brazile move to Fox News now makes more sense
  227. On The Serious Side, Regarding The New Zealand Mosque Shooting....
  228. 30 days in the hole!!!
  229. Hildebeast connected to NZ and possibly the killings.
  230. Email
  231. My nightmare
  232. You can't handle the truth!
  233. No indictments for Trump in Meuller report
  234. Possible flooding risk
  235. I hope this scares others as much as it does me
  236. The Truth About 'Russian Collusion'
  237. CAIR in our schools!
  238. Venezuela and Russia
  239. Unfortunately, this is not an April fools joke.......
  240. Term limits NOW...
  241. Question About UK Government Health Care
  242. Chicago
  243. Socialism in theory vs. Socialism in practice
  244. For those that still don't support the border wall
  245. Matter of Fact
  246. anybody watching AG Barr testify to Congress?
  247. State John Kerry vs Rep. Thomas Massie
  248. This Dem Rat Swawell (whatever) is a real steaming pile of ...
  249. Snow in APRIL!!!??? OMG Global Warming!!!
  250. Oh chit, ya picked a fine time to...?