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  1. My dog?
  2. Team Obama launches a shocking broadside against religious faith
  3. Official 1st debate thread ...........
  4. lol
  5. Miss Piggy and the 49ers qb
  6. It amazes me that a song...
  7. VP debates...
  8. Inside Bill Clinton's presidential library playboy pad
  9. Vote for.....
  10. Get em while they last
  11. Billy on immigration in 95..
  12. ran across this little tidbit...
  13. Remember Hannity and Colmes on Fox?
  14. Sad and infuriating – FBI director’s tortured interpretation of the law
  15. I think it was Hillary that grabbed my balls back in the 90s-
  16. Ted Nugent and roseanne Barr...
  17. Hypocrisy
  18. Last debate thread analysis..
  19. Anyone catch Fox news "Al Smith" dinner in NY?
  20. Pinky and the Brain, and the Muchkin and Kaine?
  21. My take on "polls"..
  22. She's getting screwed by a Weiner
  23. Clinton vs Eric Trump foundations...
  24. To reinforce how serious the classified Email on an unprotected server really is.
  25. Thought Chitown dead voters were bad?
  26. Electoral vs popular vote...
  27. Yep...
  28. celebs and politics
  29. Fail..........
  30. Thank you American citizens
  31. 2:31am........ it's over
  32. On the protesting idiots (might learn a lesson soon)
  33. Another ferya..electoral college..
  34. Not only do the dead vote,,,,,
  35. Trump and "the wall"...
  36. chicks on the right
  37. Lewis Black interview on Pubs and Dems
  38. Who will it be?
  39. Trey Gowdy - Really Great Speech on 11-20-16
  40. "Happy Thanksgiving"
  41. Sound familer, long ago?
  42. Thank God we got Trump......And not the hildebeast,,,,
  43. How libs think..
  44. You want to know what is comming from the left?
  45. Russian hacking elections BS..
  46. South China Sea
  47. This should cap it off.....
  48. even better.......
  49. And they say the Republicans are a mess!
  50. Hillybilly spoof "You been lynin"
  51. Trump wins again
  52. Kinda reminds me Trump............
  53. Calexit
  54. #winning
  55. Yahoo!
  56. Actually Bozo was GREAT for this country!
  57. Trump's wall
  58. Obama releasing more Gitmo prisoners before he leaves office!
  59. Bozos final spit.......
  60. The only good thing Obimbo has done
  61. The Duncan-Carter Hearing Protection Act.
  62. Thats my seat..
  63. Clinton "foundation" not corrupt?
  64. Riots in DC...
  65. Obimbo free another criminal
  66. My take confirmation hearings.
  67. Hey, Check this out!
  68. Todays Inauguration
  69. Judge Janine for Supreme court!
  70. This is insane!
  71. America VS the rest of the world
  72. Kinda reminds me Trump the demrats!
  73. Civil War
  74. "Abby normal"...
  75. Drain the swamp rant..IRS
  76. Proof of "shadow" govt with Flynn's conversations being monitored?
  77. Obammy, ready to roll...With holder as 2nd in command.
  78. Wiretap....Obammy knew, but denies it ans lies as usual.
  79. Freedom of Speech
  80. Gun control!!!!
  81. I love the educational channels
  82. The rats are running to Canada.....
  83. Gender humans..BS..agree here
  84. And true powerful thinking too...
  85. why I dont like liberals
  86. It's Trumps' fault!
  87. is universal health the answer?
  88. terrorism
  89. Calls for professor to resign over event that kicks whites off campus for a day
  90. Comey, what a weasel....
  91. DemoRats Double Standard...
  92. One of bernie's supporters shoots the place up.
  93. The truth about Islam from an Iranian
  94. I have had it with the dem rats...
  95. WTF? Eric Holder gonna run for prez?
  96. This is nuts!
  97. Boom!
  98. Texas Mother Wants Transgender Kindergartner To Use Girls’ Bathroom
  99. Another Burn, Loot, Murder kook!
  100. Black lives matter? REALLY?
  101. Trumps tweets....
  102. I can't believe this is actually happening
  103. Nationalism....
  104. Gotta love stupid (politicians)
  105. Melting Snowflake, video
  106. The left attacking...............
  107. Guilty until proven innocent
  108. Anti-americanism in primary and secondary education
  109. Gaddafi knew about obammy prior to the elections, got him killed....
  110. The left wants to turn your child into a sexual deviant.
  111. American Takeover Almost Complete
  112. The wheels of justice r turning finally
  113. Irony in action
  114. how come this didnt make the international press?
  115. Trump was talking about N Korea in 1999....
  116. Charlottesville car attack...
  117. I love this song!
  118. Add this to mix, China India throwing stones
  119. Found USS Indianapolis
  120. SNL roast liberals!
  121. Shot in the dick.....
  122. Follow up to shot in the dick...
  123. Trump's' Texas visit - anyone catch this?
  124. Chalk one up for the good guys
  125. Hostpitals need Federal protection from local LEO's?
  126. This is how A great president talks to the country he loves.
  127. Irma
  128. Now it's Bernies fault!
  129. Though about Germany and muslims
  130. 44 seconds..listen last 4 words..
  131. Take a knee has a new meaning in kids football
  132. Great video on Antifa
  133. CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because .....
  134. RIP Tom Petty
  135. Tragedy in vegas
  136. I know it's late
  137. Hypocrite Hillary on Weinstein
  138. NRA Spokesperson had to move because of repeated threats to her life.
  139. The state of military readiness
  140. Now Halloween offensive?
  141. In case ya forgot..
  142. Remember this?
  143. ..nothing to do with boats ....
  144. Obama let him in.. N.Y. Terrorist
  145. We need Gun control or Jesus?
  146. VENEZUELA & it's 7 day Rally/Race
  147. Wasted stamps
  148. Another liberal maggot falls from the gut wagon!
  149. NFL garbage Thanksgiving day
  150. Draining more than one swamp?
  151. Best thing read in a long time!
  152. The good news they're not telling you
  153. Obama protected Hezbollah drug ring
  154. #maga
  155. Liberal tools at Gallup
  156. Bet it will happen too!
  157. New study determines Obama the 5th best President of the United States
  158. For Bible Thumpers
  159. Under Clintons it was fine, but Trump.. Oh hell no!!!
  160. Never buy from BP again....ever
  161. Trump wins... WE ARE WINNING!!!
  162. Idiots.. They are here in my state!
  163. My Thought for the Day....
  164. The moral compass
  165. The year is young but he could win Moron of the Year
  166. The Truth About the Black Panther Movie
  167. Anyone paying attention to what is going on in South Africa?
  168. Any know Trump "drain the swamp"?
  169. Its all Bushes fault..
  170. Fake news
  171. Poor little guy
  172. Was JFK a demo rat?
  173. Guns
  174. Problem USA..(not GUNS)..?
  175. CrowdJustice
  176. Made in China
  177. Russian is getting ready
  178. Russian Collusion.....
  179. It has gotten bad in England
  180. Results of the investigation into school shooting in fla.
  181. Fake NEWS!
  182. Yep!
  183. Kushner #MarchForOurLives
  184. So who are the Trump voters?
  185. Because ya don't want to give up your right to buy AR 15s look at the future...
  186. 2020 census..
  187. Sick sick sick
  188. Freezing money to countries who hate us
  189. Sharpen spits again..unarmed black killed
  190. One more ferya, Rosanne
  191. Condom Challenge
  192. Trump need to send in the military
  193. Ahh kids these days
  194. lies vs TRUTH
  195. Fake news
  196. Trade wars make America great
  197. The party of Lincoln has lost it's way
  198. A Visitor from the Past
  199. They need to send a few more cruise missiles
  200. Truth and facts about our President and his abilities.
  201. Funny funny Fox opps
  202. Is liberalism a disease?
  203. If your FULL of hot air
  204. If you play you have to PAY
  205. "Hey Boo-Boo You Have to be Smarter than the av-er-age Bear"
  206. Liberal Meme Thread
  207. What the h*ll is the USA doing? [Syria]
  208. How to LIE with Statistics
  209. Trump Thank's you Comey
  210. More fake news
  211. Change
  212. OMG ya got to LOVE it!
  213. NEWS North Korea willing to give up nukes; South says announcement coming next week
  214. Hey Tree Huggers, take the Global Warming Challenge!!!!
  215. Real News
  216. And the truth is.....
  217. How long will I be allowed to remain a Christian?
  218. "They'll never Let Me Be Pesident!"
  219. Yeti drops NRA foundation
  220. Hannity is a dirty dog
  221. 3.9%
  222. The latest Michael Cohen news generated by Stormy Danials lawyer.
  223. Drain the SWAMP!
  224. Are the orthodox jewish views really that different from the Islamic radicals?
  225. U.S.-China Trade
  226. Why is North Korea so willing to destroy their test site
  227. Noise from the inside ...
  228. Swedish police warn lots of rapes will happen this summer
  229. Obama working with net flix...
  230. lies vs TRUTH
  231. Very cool vid
  232. British judge has solution for increasing violence
  233. Truth you don't hear about
  234. All Hail the King
  235. US Canada Trade
  236. Kim Jong Un to start denuclearization 'virtually immediately'
  237. Know's how trump feels
  238. Casa Padre
  239. War is not the answer
  240. Take the test!
  241. Tom Arnold & Mike Cohen what!
  242. US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported
  243. Cher and the Indian lie
  244. listen to the way they think in the EU countries.
  245. Now this is stupid
  246. Amazing day in news!
  247. everybody has one
  248. Skeletons In Obama's Closet
  249. Citizen Mark Robinson's Speech...
  250. The #walkaway movement is gaining momentum....