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  1. Marry Christmas
  2. 'Unbroken': Where's the rest of Louis Zamperini's story?
  3. Scientists create precursors to human egg and sperm in the lab
  4. The feast of Stephen: Middle East's persecuted Christians need our help
  5. Taxes
  6. Cleveland Ohio Ordered Evacuated
  7. 2015: Will America continue its slow march toward destruction of liberty?
  8. Obama Proposes FREE Community College for All Americans
  9. Huckabee's views on Jihad
  10. Media need to stop covering for murderous Muslims
  11. Religious Freedom Day 2015: What our Founders understood about freedom of faith
  12. Obama wants to raise taxes again. Bad move.
  13. They're laughing their asses off all the way to the bank
  14. Governing to get votes? I guess we knew that.
  15. Stalin, Muhammad and Obama
  16. Jordan Threatens Isis
  17. ‘They Should Be Eradicated’: ‘Christianophobia
  18. The crusades.
  19. EPA trying to control all U.S. waters
  20. Persecution of Christians a significant indicator of future world chaos
  21. Little League team stripped of Championship title
  22. Federal Judge Rules Obama's Amnesty Edict is Unconstitutional
  23. " let me tick some people off"
  24. Jihadi John: Warning Graphic
  25. What do you think?
  26. Ferguson in the news again..
  27. florida got it right.....
  28. He won't march against Islamic terrorism
  29. True North Strong and Frozen
  30. Muslims cleaning up their own "hood"
  31. State Dept. has NO RECORD of Hillary turning over all emails of gov. business
  32. Presbyterian Church formally approves gay marriage
  33. Muslims Demand Texas Mayor Surrender After She Attacked Shariah Court… Here’s Her Res
  34. Religious freedom requires war with bullying, ignorant media
  35. Arab States Looking To Israel As ‘Only Hope’ After Losing Faith in Obama
  36. True of false?
  37. THREE new AF 1's wanted at 3 BILLION?
  38. Iran. Appeasement again.
  39. The answer to an age old question. Even a caveman can do it.
  40. just a quick reminder of who the clintons really are
  41. My vote for 2016
  42. My Vote in 2016
  43. And the real reason is.........
  44. GM knew about defective ing. switch for more than 10 years and did nothing
  45. What better way to pay your respects
  46. Garland Texas Tonight....
  47. Made in America Please watch the video
  48. Who wants some of this?
  49. Vote?
  50. Football commission is going to kill the sport.
  51. How did we get here?
  52. OIL on California sand
  53. Boy Scouts’ President Calls for End to Ban on Gay Leaders
  54. Malaysian Government discovers cause of earthquakes !
  55. Transrace and Transgender
  56. Shark Movie
  57. "Yeah Baby"
  58. The Black Dilemma - .FROM THE BALTIMORE SUN
  59. Jeb Bush talks about his foreign bride
  60. Knew this was coming next as C Fed flag down, Stars and strips next
  61. It Begins: Pedophiles Call for Same Rights as Homosexuals
  62. Calling Robby!!!!!
  63. Trump, the only one telling the truth.
  64. Dragnet lectures obama
  65. South Carolina drops Confederate flag.
  66. Gump
  67. Erasing history.....
  68. Another example of how screwed up the government really is, at all levels.
  69. The fix is in....
  70. Good, decisive move
  71. Who IS Hillary?
  72. Obama Administration Strips Requirement to Defend The United States From Citizenship
  73. Time to change.
  74. Anybody see Trumps talk with reporters today?
  75. Guess the "free chit" is working..1/2 vote for a socialist?
  76. 3 Americans stop terrorist on a train heading to Paris!
  77. your money and china and you
  78. Trump Signed the Pledge
  79. Two Americas
  80. Obama's 3rd term presidency?
  81. News?
  82. I know where Trump coming from, Fiorina
  83. Old glory flying today.....
  84. Clinton e-mails
  85. Sound right?
  86. Refugees....
  87. Well said! "I'm tired"......
  88. Ben Carson & the muslim statement
  89. Turns out Hillary's email server was moved to a private company's server in 2013
  90. Big city's got nothing on my little town when it comes to violence
  91. How "politics" save lives..(BS)
  92. ever see a DemoCrap
  93. Russia
  94. Umpqua College Shootings
  95. Guess who?
  96. Ha! Obimbo even breaks his own laws!
  97. A2030 The future
  98. An Open Letter to President Obama
  99. Don't need guns to kill.
  100. Hmm. that 70's show?
  101. A Police shooting you DON'T see on the network news every night
  102. Wednesday Night's Debate
  103. Busted
  104. Does anyone else wonder why ??????
  105. Health Insurance ?
  106. Is THIS what college being taught today is..
  107. PARIS should teach a lesson about bein PC
  108. John Kerry Lambasted Over ‘Appalling Moral Equivocation’
  109. Obama is importing Muslims, deporting Christians
  110. WTF wrong lastest Chicago?
  111. Hero med student shot by thug in New Orleans
  112. Obama Admits he is a Muslim
  113. Ha!
  114. San Bernadino shootings
  115. Economy explained me as lived it...
  116. Did ya ever wonder just "WHY"?
  117. Wild Wind and Rain in the North West
  118. Now El Chapo
  119. A short speech from bozo..
  120. Don't ask, but a thought elections...
  121. guns and religion
  122. Taxes.
  123. Tonight debates..
  124. repeal the first amendment
  125. New qualification for being the POTUS, and in the US govt. period.
  126. Demorats debate on me soon..
  127. 13 things mentally strong people don't do
  128. The true meaning of Christmas
  129. Hillary for President?
  130. Yep, Iraqis simple love us..
  131. Pastor talks down the gunman.... Setup???
  132. A Trump Presidency explained..
  133. Trump will make us great...
  134. bozo and BS gun laws...(again)
  135. Just where does Dems votors come from?
  136. “Thomas Jefferson vs. the Muslim World."
  137. Someone said it might snow
  138. How about debates with REAL people asking?
  139. Ranchers are losing their land rights
  140. Brits have had enough, take matters into their own hands
  141. And ya want billery in? Read on
  142. Debates with out the Donald...
  143. Here ya go and my generation speaking here..
  144. The power of the media.
  145. Maybe a little snow on the way for the Great Lakes???
  146. Iowa Caucus
  147. Chicago Stock Exchange Sold to Chinese Group
  148. The gov now sound like 250 years ago, Brit rule?
  149. The multiculturalism myth: World leaders ignore Islam's refusal to assimilate
  150. Supreme disaster / Scalia's death
  151. The pope, Trump, and America...
  152. Kinda reminds me "billery"..
  153. Is Trump Our Man
  154. GOODBYE bush!
  155. Hillary vs Bernie. Crazy runs strong in these two.....
  156. Unemployment explained ..
  157. Some more fun politcal crap...
  158. And some more saw now debates..
  159. Last nights "food fight" debates...
  160. can't resist this..
  161. Little Johnny meets Barack Obama
  162. Truth, slaves, Dems and Pubs, who stopped it?
  163. Super Tuesday..
  164. Trump / Romney
  165. WTF..lets kick this up a notch and discuss this
  166. One more ferya..IRS..
  167. Chicago.."did some one toss a party and Trump showed?
  168. So who ya gunna vote for
  169. How Anonymous Just Fooled Donald Trump, the Secret Service, and the FBI
  170. One possible end game with Trump
  171. Election riots...now and before..
  172. Sorry, but this reminds me "Bernie"...
  173. Politicions mud slinging?
  174. Another to chew on, Ellis Island
  175. Gun control advocates?
  176. This is insane.
  177. On the lighter side
  178. Think it...........
  179. Make sense?
  180. Election issue???
  181. Great vid on explaining ecomonics to liberals
  182. The Triggering: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?
  183. Trump Trump Trump
  184. Aint this the truth. libs..
  185. Dear Hillary Clinton: pay attention.
  186. Looks like Trump gets in now, candidate for prez BUT?
  187. Caught this FB today...
  188. Some people know evrything!
  189. Gun control?
  190. Billarys speech........
  191. Bilderburg - Dresden Germany
  192. Orlando Terror attack.....
  193. Medicare and Social Security
  194. Trumps habit of giving his opponents nicknames
  195. Gov. Involvement in Terror
  196. If you dont or never want to own a gun vote Democrat
  197. The more I see Trump, the more I like'em
  198. Heres one for ya..BEST HEALTH CARE THEM?
  199. Britain says FU Eero union!
  200. Do You Agree? Or Disagree?
  201. Remember Clint Eastwood talking a M/T chair?
  202. Ouch, Ouch!
  203. Is anybody surprised?
  204. Mexican word on the day..
  205. Slick Hilly!
  206. ...TITAN - We've Been Sold Out America!
  207. RMC convention in Cleaveland
  208. Our govt taken over from the inside....All the way to the top....
  209. Turkey's last hope dies Ralph Peters By Ralph Peters
  210. "Plagiarism"?
  211. Bozo BS...
  212. RNC in a nut shell
  213. My take Hilly Billy and the spanish speaking VP!
  214. I guess black lives matters couldn't fix this
  215. Heres DNC in a nutshell!!
  216. Bikers ...
  217. Who in a right mind don't believe this..
  218. Chilling Video - Must see 19 seconds
  219. Latest Poll
  220. Can someone explain this to me?
  221. Oh REALLY? Bozo..
  222. You decide.....
  223. Kennth Starr
  224. Milwaukee
  225. An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton
  226. More on Milwaukee..one parent familys..
  227. Back fire
  228. Got a new place for looters to hit...
  229. I had to look into the clinton foudation
  230. Clinton Foundation
  231. A MUST READ article on Guns and people who don't like them.
  232. Only in America
  233. Its the end of the world...
  234. On Libs? Heres what up some think?
  235. My take on hillybilly..Alvin Lee style..(RIP)
  236. Going back to segregation at the blacks' demand
  237. I can't take it anymore...
  238. 'They threw her in like she was a side of beef'
  239. She's to ill of healt to run..
  240. 911...
  241. Got another ferya..
  242. People who live in Glass houses should not...
  243. Mosque burns in Ft Pierce
  244. Two hildebeasts?
  245. How about my Governor of Kentucky ?
  246. Obama Campaigning For Donald Trump...
  247. Bozo, hillbilly and Trump..telepromters..
  248. Seems like a good place to park this.
  249. Yep..started long ago
  250. Grumpy cat on bozo...