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  1. What out if you carry in FLA
  2. Wow Alex Jones Might Be Right
  3. There is nothing..
  4. Mitt Was Correct!!! GDP In The Negitive!!
  5. New Spin On Pre-Fabs-Additions!
  6. Not On You Liberal News Networks!
  7. I don't think this one has been posted !!
  8. This senator gets it
  9. Unions Thuggs Now Are Starting To Use Their Brains, Want Out Of ObamaCare!
  10. So, after the NRA gets castigated in the media......
  11. Buyers remorse!
  12. Tax Return
  13. AFL-CIO Worried, Alabama Job Training Program Is A Huge Success!
  14. Saw This Coming, Panama Hires RNC Folks To Push "Retire To Panama"
  15. Nauseous
  16. Maybe this is why DHS needs all that ammo
  17. Obama Set To Exc. Your 401Ks, IRAs Into T-Bills!
  18. Chris Kyle/Ron Paul Tweet.....
  19. Obama Admin says it is fine to kill Americans
  20. Letter to Pres. About killing Americans in The US.....
  21. I have a question
  22. Well well, looks like Toyota is abandoning battery power.
  23. Feburary 15th, Civil Unrest.... Here is why the camps and bullets exist ..........
  24. The seequester
  25. Tired of hearing obama voters "Buyers Remorse"
  26. Kennedy Scam??
  27. Jackson
  28. Want to know some feeling on the Libya deal
  29. More & More Your Consitutional Rights Mean Nothing To Them!
  30. Nuff said here..
  31. This is brilliant
  32. Killer Cop Was Know To Be A Nut! LAPD
  33. Paul Harvey's warning
  34. Face the Nation Sunday 2/10/13
  35. Ann Margaret vs Jane Fonda..Nam days..(Ann/Bob Hope too)
  36. This is brilliant pt 2
  37. Dorner Hold Up Solutions!
  38. State of the Union
  39. Representative: Ending Saturday Mail is Racist and Sexist
  40. Vice Pres. Look alike....
  41. Obama Contracts For Homeland To Reserve 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo!
  42. Sheila Jackson Lee: "I stand here as a freed slave"
  43. More Racism: Whites Excluded From Tutoring Program
  44. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree
  45. College Names Anti-racism Award After Trayvon Martin
  46. The Time To Buy Gold, When The Ammo Runs Out!
  47. Joe Biden
  48. At least we have one honest offical working for the government!
  49. Hugo Chavez sent back to Venezuela to die
  50. Big KUDO's to Barrett Firearms Co. ! ! !
  51. Pizza shop offers discount to gun owners
  52. Gun Sales Will Rise On This One!
  53. Check this out
  54. So, Why
  55. Budget cuts?
  56. Traitor!!!
  57. for all you hopeing for government protests in the street
  58. This is just poetic!!!
  59. Soros
  60. The first "lady"
  61. Mexico says 26,121 missing during drug war
  62. Joe Biden Says America’s Fine
  63. A little MULE trading!!!!
  64. The NJ Dough Boy is at it again
  65. Our local Sherriff sends letter to POTUS about gun controll.
  66. Moscow, Home Of The Rich!
  67. Budget Ax
  68. So.. Who can predict how this will end?
  69. Anyone Opine On This?
  70. He started off good
  71. It's coming
  72. Sorry kids, its not coming, it IS!
  73. NRA to Sposor Nascar race
  74. The PC police run amuk
  75. Hugo Chavez dead.
  76. Don't fall for the "Dow", record high, as all BS me.
  77. So I buster Rand Pauls chops for his Hagle Vote
  78. Would you vote for?
  79. Anger Manangment for you florida gun owners....ROFLMAO!!!
  80. Who's Selling 3 bdrm, 1.5 Bath Homes For 65K, Land Included.
  81. Is this the new censorship?
  82. Environmentalists Cave, OK Fracking, Illionios, Lots Of Other States To Follow!
  83. Cuomo is out of his fricken mind
  84. Demcrats Trying To Drop ObamaPhones!
  85. Sequesta what? I dunno, I just voted fo him because he black....
  86. Those peace loving muslims are at it again.
  87. Obama admin, support a white Christain or a Mid Eastern Muslim
  88. Dems want NASCAR to drop NRA sponsorship from Texas race
  89. This made me :)
  90. Thought these were good!!!
  91. Some of them DO get it!
  92. Why November Elections?
  93. Obama's Jedi Mind Meld
  94. EPA emails show an agenda to destroy business.
  95. Looks like there is proof that the Attorney General's voting rights section is...
  96. Train from nowhere
  97. Great story why Obama is a ..well read on
  98. well what ya think ?
  99. Senator Cruz from TX owning some dem's on guns
  100. NRA 500 , much to the Dem's Dismay..
  101. Hillary-Michelle in 2016: Is a former First Ladies ticket on the horizon?
  102. Rand Paul wins '13 CPAC straw poll
  103. Michelle is now "proud the USA? Wh y the hell not!
  104. Idiots
  105. Hispanics and women, step up, it's your turn to sue the USDA
  106. The most honest 31/2 minutes of tv
  107. Marriage Equality aka Gay Marriage
  108. Colorado Dems OK Midnight Kidnappings!
  109. I'll bet we all will agree with this guy????
  110. Another obammy quote from the past, maybe the best ever.
  111. Happy Atheist Day - 4/1/2013
  112. Obama played an April fools joke on us,
  113. ATF is at it again!
  114. It's just a 100....... MILLION!!!
  115. It makes it sound too much like they broke the law
  116. OMFG!!! He said "Vagina"
  117. Lets talk guns here..rational
  118. Are there no limits?
  119. This is some BS right here
  120. Part of what is wrong with this country!!!!
  121. And this is what they want to give amnesty to. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT KILLS WOMAN...
  122. Well lookie lookie-->Head Doctor Warned Campus Police A Month Before...
  123. I wonder how many other states this is happening in!
  124. Obama.."world going to hell"...(just not him though?)
  125. So ya think they won't make incest legal here in the US?
  126. Another Ticket Scam
  127. Letter From A Democrat Senator of North Carolina
  128. 16 RINO Traitors
  129. These folks have lost their freaking mind
  130. Shooting at NRA 500 (Suicide)
  131. The Traveling President
  132. Boston Marathon Explosions
  133. Good Crime Data Tool
  134. Background checks dead
  135. Obama Voters Must Be Proud!
  136. Did A Home Search
  137. Russia To FBI "He's A Terrorist"
  138. No Obama Care
  139. First Amendment violation
  140. Hell I Love The Russian Media!
  141. Monday
  142. Nah............ He's not
  143. BLKS vs NGGS
  144. Anti-Bullying presentation for TEENAGE GIRLS focuses on homosexual rollplaying!
  145. Mamma's boy
  146. Soft wuss.... all talk, all B.S.
  147. Jury of your peers
  148. The Gun Grabbers are at it again.
  149. Here you have it....
  150. Look at this!! The list of convicted terrorist from this Boston mosque.
  151. Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom: Lady, You Shouldn't Be Allowed Here"
  152. Penn. Enviromental Agency finds NO HARM from fracking!
  153. Plane part from 9/11 found recently in NY
  154. Obama Admin. Gives Muslim Brotherhood Acess To "Secrets" From Homeland Security Dept.
  155. Obama Gets A 54% Approval Rating From Those Who Make Over 100K!
  156. An interesting factoid
  157. School's 'Redneck Day' sparks anger
  158. Hispanics acting badly. So much for assimilation.
  159. The Reason Obama Hates The Corperate World!
  160. Yep, as born Illinois western suburbs,the REAL.Chitown here..
  161. Libya Offered Help, Twice!
  162. Printable Gun
  163. Amen
  164. Assembly approves bill on gender identity in schools
  165. Thought maybe you were targeted by the IRS?
  166. Happy Mother's Day!!!
  167. Government trying to find out who's tattling on them..........
  168. Yep!...."bozobama":
  169. I don't know BS or not, but seems right to me.
  170. Repubs, and Demorats, a quiz....
  171. Military has muslim cleric at Seal Team funeral service but no Christian pastor
  172. How much longer?
  173. Illegals can and do get welfare, etc benefiits!
  174. DoJ May Come After You For Trashing Muslims on Social Media
  175. Gov still digging..
  176. Liberals and our schools
  177. Wer'e screwed....
  178. NSA seizes phone records of EVERYONE who uses Verizon wireless
  179. Soldiers disciplined for posing for pictures in their underwear!
  180. This idiot should be ashamed!
  181. Jackson, MS new mayor's
  182. Putin handles up
  183. Next, they will take away their G.I. Joes....
  184. It has begun
  185. Anyone Regret Votting For Barry Boy Now
  186. Thought this girl is right on!
  187. Scandal Mania
  188. Another great bit of info!
  189. Well this could be good
  190. Union Thuggs At It Again!!!!!
  191. What if
  192. Another defector
  193. Colorado says....
  194. Making it hurt...........
  195. Now DNA collection is going national
  196. IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address
  197. Proud to be a Democrat
  198. Military to salute Gay Pride MONTH
  199. Problems Uploading Photos - Solution
  200. 14 RINO's help Immigration reform Bill pass
  201. The Economy Is Getting Worse!
  202. Is anyone watching the Zimmerman trial
  203. Z/Man trial?..Calling major bucks, lawyer bs, etc..
  204. Obama's Friends Are Out Of Power In Egypt!
  205. My mouse has a virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  206. Latest Message from Maria Divine Mercy.
  207. Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools
  208. Rachel AKA Precious
  209. Zimmerman Fallout
  210. Rev al and JJ - Sorry if this is old.
  211. Another reason why athiests suck
  212. Pulling out
  213. Student suspended from Nursing school for being a racist.
  214. New York City
  215. Check out sister girl
  216. Mitt Romney/Marco Antonio Rubio
  217. What It Means To Be White In America
  218. Check this video about Zimmerman and Martin
  219. Obama's Race War Has Started!
  220. Ohio group raises 12K for Zimmerman
  221. Racists....
  222. McCain- Clinton vs Paul ... Tough choice?
  223. Obama's Union Thuggs Hit A New Low!
  224. What would Nixon say Today?
  225. Home ownership
  226. Red Light Camera's
  227. A Great ObamaCare Video!!
  228. Black Man in Hoodie Stabs White Girl 11 Times
  229. sign up
  230. $13 million in ice for Hurricane Isaac allowed to melt
  231. Chris Christie
  232. The Syrians are coming the Syrians are coming
  233. Jumping ship
  234. This is pretty funny
  235. North Carolina Governor Pat McCory!!!
  236. Someone's Getting BlackBalled From HollyWeed!
  237. 2016 Wook-illary
  238. I had to laugh out loud
  239. Apology to my fellow sceptics/agnostics/atheists and free thinkers
  240. Thr Real Al Sharpton, Pure Trash!
  241. Another senseless killing - racially motivated ?
  242. Real deal bozo prez...ESAD..
  243. A Fantastic Star Spangled Banner!!!
  244. DHS employee runs a Race War site and is still employed.
  245. Another great court decision, not
  246. “hate groups.”
  247. How much Truer could it be???
  248. Israel "Believe Us Not Assad"
  249. Jesus' view on Genetic Manipulation
  250. NJ Cities Setting Records For Murders.