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  1. The Democrats & economy.
  2. The Arab Spring
  3. Reasons to support Mitt, by a Ron Paul supporter
  4. I now encourage all Muslims who hate the U.S. to burn an American Flag
  5. The new ID laws hit home
  6. You gotta be kidding me
  7. Had a thought....
  8. Does Romney have a chance?
  9. A word to rioting Muslims
  10. Did ya know the Occupy Wall Street movment was started by a Canadian group?
  11. Cheap Nat. Gas Drives Hi-Tech Homes Prices Down
  12. Just a bump in the road
  13. Obama anti semite?
  14. We spent 1.4 billion on
  15. Ok.......
  16. Egypt issues arrest warrants for Christians involved in film
  17. No Chitttt.....
  18. Like I Stated "The Election Is Over"!
  19. Pretty good "bipartisan" entertainment
  20. How about a "Hot Topic"
  21. Anyone Here That Bengahz's 9-11 Attack Came From A Gitmo Terrorist?
  22. This has to be one of the best campaign commercials ever!
  23. Well, there goes the price if diapers.........
  24. Voter registration
  25. Paul Ryan's Budget Cut Proposal
  26. And yet they vote this idiot back..??
  27. Why They Are Down Playing The Debates!
  28. Gary Johnson
  29. Just take away obama's name and replace it with Bush!
  30. the movie Hannibal comes to mind here
  31. Well isn't this a nice bait and switch
  32. Cell phone universal access fee goes to...
  33. Will this please get into some.."thick skulls?" UNSTAINABLE DEBT!
  34. Official.." Debate" thread..post away..
  35. Funny One!
  36. Drudge Never gets It Wrong-Child Soldiers Exc. Order!
  37. The Day After the Debate
  38. The big bang backstage during the debate
  39. Too many whites a the debate?
  40. Army instructor ousted over Muslim groups' complaints
  41. 7.8
  42. If they get it...
  43. Yes They Are, Nearly All Part Time Jobs! 582K Of Them!
  44. Chair lynchings.
  45. Those Obama voters as so smart!
  46. U.S. tax dollars going to refurbish Mosque...
  47. What has liberalism become?
  48. So much for being removed from the gene pool.....
  49. They found a Martian bubblegum wrapper
  50. Denver School Officials: a "Distinguished Teacher" is one who teaches Revolution!
  51. Usa surplus
  52. Home Refinance
  53. Shoddy workmanship
  54. Ryan and GOP begging Paul supporters for help
  55. Time to END, "Affirmative Action".........NOW
  56. An Obama voter...
  57. Big Bird
  58. Obama Phone
  59. Ron Paulettes are going down hard
  60. Official.." VP Debate" thread..post away..
  61. USA murders 76 of it's own citizens!
  62. mo money, mo money, mo money............
  63. Live freefall attempt...........
  64. I Grew Up in a Socialist Country: An Ad Paid For by a Private Citizen
  65. How many of you look to see who is driving the car displaying the Obama sticker?
  66. Cha Ching............
  67. 2nd debate...?????????
  68. Tea Party Rally, Treasure Coast Florida this Saturday....
  69. It's that time again....
  70. "Business experience", Mitt and bozo.
  71. This is appalling!
  72. TAXES go UP---REVENUE goes DOWN
  73. Their System, Capitalism, Worked, Ours, Socialism, Has Failed!
  74. A worthy subject for my 200th post
  75. 3rd Debate thread...fire away.
  76. Meanwhile in Florida - Obama supporters accost Romney supporters. (Video)
  77. Republican Ad
  78. Trump Challenge
  79. Ann Coulter; stay classy
  80. Obama 2016
  81. 2% growth rate a good thing? HA!
  82. Supreme Court is about to decide if we can resell the things we own!
  83. Sandy affecting the elections?
  84. typhoon sandi
  85. Classy liberals!
  86. Why fund PBS?
  87. Diversity
  88. A weak president..............
  89. Democrat math
  90. Timing is everything
  91. 194,000
  92. Why I Hate Unions!!!
  93. Likely military votes
  94. Well isn't this interesting...
  95. Science explains everything
  96. Why?
  97. New NJ Sandy Video
  98. Christie Is Right, There Will Be A New NJ Shore, Billions In Up-Scale Costruction!
  99. welcome to New Jersey
  100. What if
  101. Judge Jeanie on Benghazi
  102. Vote and Vote often
  103. Ron Paul Write In
  104. Obama is Back We're F*****
  105. I am afraid we have hit the tipping point...
  106. A new Idea !
  107. These are possibly the 5 best sentences you'll ever read
  108. Why Waste Time, Sen. Reid Damands to raise debt ceiling another 4.3 tirllion dollars
  109. And they just sang...
  110. As the GOP continues to circle the drain
  111. This Is What Makes America Great! Please Watch
  112. I have'nt the time to research this yet buuuuuuuut..Message from Valerie Jarrett Seni
  113. Detroiters Elect Ex-Con Brian Banks As State Rep
  114. 7 life sentences
  115. Defeated.....
  116. Gotta Love How Estonia Tackles Curuption!
  117. A little more on the "Tipping point" thread
  118. We The People Stimulus Package
  119. Bringing back the USA in 2016
  120. Just what Romney confronted Obama about
  121. I Knew Something Was Missing!!!!
  122. more jobs dow the drain..........
  123. Even The P-Sector Union Folks Know They Will Get Screwed Now!
  124. Nugent for Prez..
  125. Heads roll in the Administration, the good news and the bad
  126. I wonder how many people it would take
  127. Has anyone seen this?????
  128. Gun control?
  129. The Tombstone will read...
  130. Obama considering John Kerry for job of defense secretary
  131. OMG Obama is going to make Kenya the 51st State
  132. Must have been on heck of a swinger party..
  133. Funny One-Zombies!
  134. Secede.
  135. jill kelly
  136. Goodbye Twinkies,,,,, blame the union
  137. FEMA Sold NYC Area Homes Before Storm For As Little As 3.5K
  138. So, what are we gonna do about these evil, mealy-mouthed and socialist media of ours?
  139. Calls To Impeach Barry Already!
  140. Petraeus: Benghazi seen as terror strike right away
  141. ObamaCare, They Got What They Asked For!
  142. Walmart
  143. Talking Points...
  144. We, the People are In Denial
  145. ObamaCare, Smokers To Pay Up To 5 Times More For Ins.
  146. Needed To be Fired!
  147. Obama Stimulus, 75 Mil. Airport, 29 Mil. Harbor, To Knowhere!
  148. Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence
  149. Kim-Jong-Un is the "Sexiest Man Alive"...
  150. What Happens When You Tax The Rich Too Much!
  151. A Must See Video!
  152. Its Tuff Living In NYC But!!!!
  153. Justice Kagan seeks end of U.S. Constitution
  154. Checkmate!!
  155. Cities Are Going Bankrupt So They Want To Install More Red Light Cameras!
  156. True Words!
  157. Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out
  158. oh geesh..
  159. Mich. Legislature approves 'Right-To-Work' Bill; Sparks Union Protests
  160. The fiscal cliff and you
  161. Why Companies Are Leaving Blue States!
  162. Union workers? LOL!
  163. Finally Got It Right!!!
  164. prayers for the children
  165. The world has just gone plain crazy!!!! Now the nuts are killing our small children..
  166. I can't believe
  167. American Guns cancelled
  168. Obama, Clinton,Morsi Time people of the year.
  169. Wanna nibble away the 2nd amendment? How about same the 1st?
  170. All I have to say about gun control.
  171. Hillary a liar?
  172. While we are talking about liars in D.C. are we being told the truth about Newtown?
  173. NRA News Conference on CNN at 11:00
  174. The Rich Are Fleeing And Obama Can't Bail Them, California & Others Blue States, Out!
  175. I Never Saw "On The Waterfront" Before!
  176. The Obama Depression Has Started!!!
  177. What's the truth?
  178. Obamacare and the stupidity of voters
  179. Why? Because I am better than you!
  180. Conflict of interest......
  181. Union Thuggs To Shut Down Ports Maine To Texas!
  182. Feinstein needs to go
  183. Never let a crisis go to waste
  184. Red Light Camera's, 4.2 Mil. Settlement!
  185. Might not be a bad thing
  186. We r all safe.......
  187. Obama quietly signs bill for raises!
  188. B.s.
  189. Terroists and propaganda
  190. obama Nails Middle Class, 100 Billion Tax Hike, 2.5 Times More Then The 1%.
  191. Voter Fraud, how Obama won....
  192. Putin Welcomes The Rich To Russia, 13% tax Rate!
  193. Al Jazeera buy's AL Gore's Current Channel
  194. "The State is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want (Psalm 666)."
  195. American Energy
  196. Who did not see this coming? Obama wants a 3rd term.
  197. They Fired Him For Pushing A Punk To The Ground, WTH!
  198. It Must Still be Bush's Fault!
  199. Uhm Some Say This Is The Start Of ObamaCare!
  200. Sandy victim: Obama's a 'phony,' 'liar'
  201. 19K Out Of 30K New Mass. Welfare Voters Can't Be Found!
  202. Children Must Now Wear Chips!
  203. Biden this morning
  204. BREAKING NEWS!! Another shooting.
  205. Shoot him again!!!!
  206. Union leaders lookin' out for the little man...
  207. From The Mouth Of A Slain Students Father A Must Read!!!
  208. Its 54 Mins Long But Its Worth Watching!
  209. What do you think about the sentence for this POS?
  210. Colin Powell says he's a Republican
  211. Cool Inter-Active Map!
  212. Panamian City State!
  213. Wow, Where's Obama On His Hometown Murders?
  214. Wake up America !
  215. Now I see Why!
  216. Christie is Obama's rump swab
  217. sandy hook doubt...
  218. NYC Teachers Union Cost Taypayers 250 Mil., May Reach An Additional Billion!
  219. We The People.com check it out
  220. The Chocolate Mayor" got his ass in a sling!!!
  221. The Obama Phone Lady Wakes Up
  222. Recent E-mail
  223. 2nd term inauguration extravaganza is a WASTE Tax payer money
  224. Great To See, Sheriff's Defend The Consitution!
  225. Taxes
  226. Costa Rica Crime
  227. Only I HollyWeed-Broadway Type Could Get Away With This!
  228. This Really Makes Me Worry!
  229. "Share The Wealth" Obama To Let China Drill For Gas & Oil In America!
  230. More Good News!!
  231. I Hope Barry & His Boys Haven't Seen This!!!
  232. MOOOchelle
  233. Union Membership Hits 76 Yr Low!
  234. PERFECT Example for Extreme Obama Gun Control
  235. Huge Numbers Of Sherriffs Now Oppose obama!!!
  236. Bill Cosby @ 83 and loving it.........
  237. LIRR Union Memebers Caught Stealing Again!
  238. A Car That Runs On Air
  239. Saw A 3 Story Building Go Up In 3 Days!
  240. The Cancer of Society
  241. Wow, You Need To Go To A Socialist Web Site For The Bad News!
  242. Caption this picture:
  243. Obama Starts Currency War
  244. BS, Fox News Tells Half The Story!
  245. Can you imagine
  246. Sooo-Saddd!!! Iranian Nuke Site Blows Up!!!
  247. Obama Cuts Out Breaksfast For Our Soldiers!
  248. How Times Have Changed, Going For A Duck Hunt Brings Out the Swat Team!
  249. "Poor" Households Getting $168 in Welfare Per Day from Taxpayers
  250. Union Leadership Selling Out Their Memebers!