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  1. Israel in Danger With the Zippy and Carter???
  2. Rat gets caught dirty: Insider Trading
  3. The Zippys Proposal Contains Sub-Prime Loan Shocker
  4. Cheap Tomato's....Damn It!
  5. HOLY CHIT LOOK at this BS
  6. Please refer to me as Senator
  7. Ghost of General Patton
  8. Carbon Tax Vote Next Week
  9. The Age of Zippy BTW Does anyone really consider this worthless fool President?
  10. 2 stroke ban
  11. It Started, The Begining Of the End For obama!
  12. "The trouble with sociaism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money"
  13. Cool Pictures
  14. Obama doesn't like Fox News reporting
  15. The U.N.'s anti-gun statue
  16. barry's Fourth Of July!
  17. Please Join This On Face Book
  18. We The People Stimulus Package
  19. So what is he hiding?
  20. Hillary & Biden Go Against barry On Iran!
  21. But Barry really cares!!
  22. Barry has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  23. Zippy Voters thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\Sarc
  24. Commodities
  25. Neal Knox - The Gun Rights War
  26. Fish Don't Vote
  27. Taxing health care beneifits !!
  28. ACORN is changing its name to “Community Organizations International.”
  29. Acorn's Agenda, Distroy Capitalism & The Middle Class
  30. Tracking Americas Enemies
  31. Fail!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Happy Father's Day - I'd rather go to Argentina and cheat on my Wife!
  33. KTBB's Question of the Day: Is There Enough Proof President Obama is a U.S. citizen?
  34. UN to be Global IRS thank Zippy!
  35. 'Most Dangerous' Neighborhoods In US Ranked
  36. Obama Gives 9 Billion Towards Alt. Cars
  37. 627K Jobs Lost Last Month
  38. Cap and Tax Vote Tomorrow; Act Now to Save Jobs and Money
  39. 26% of Americans are really dumb
  40. Oil going to $71.00 thank a Rat!
  41. Sarah Palin
  42. The Zippy makes eleventh-hour push for energy bill
  43. LMAO attack of the Zippy Queers !
  44. Michael Jackson Dead
  45. Boehner on Pelosi's National Energy Tax:”I Have Never Seen Anything This Ridiculous"
  46. Now we have the Military DEMANDING disclosure of Soetoro's documents
  47. Troopathon...honor their service...donate tonight!!
  48. Filthy Rats Mount HUGE Assault on America
  49. 15 Reasons to Oppose Climate Bill
  50. Say goodbye to the last of US industry
  51. we are doomed
  52. Maybe good news
  53. The 8 Scumbag Traitor Republicans who voted with the Rats!!
  54. Free cell phones if you get walfare checks????
  55. Dealing with the Rats.
  56. What will the climate change bill do to your job?
  57. Don Rickles Roasts the Rats
  58. Here is a list of companies for the WaxCommie destroy America Bill
  59. The Super Jury is Official - 172 members vote to charge Zippy with Fraud and Treason
  60. The Zippys 3 AM Phone Call
  61. Who Wrote Zippys Dreams ?
  62. The Kenyan Zippy
  63. Chinese construction techniques coming here?
  64. Why Did Justice Drop New Black Panthers’ Case?
  65. Obama-backed plan volunteers Americans to pay global taxes
  66. This is for Racer X
  67. Sodaracist gets slapped down 5-4 USSC she now has a 70% overturn rate
  68. Wtf
  69. Prosecutors: Black defendants in Dallas corruption case sought to make whites pay up
  70. Crap on trade bill,
  71. American Male...no more!!!
  72. We the people!!!!
  73. Minnesota court rules Democrat Al Franken won Senate seat
  74. In just
  75. More on the Zippy birth certificate.
  76. States brace for shutdowns
  77. Hey Fake President you following this?
  78. Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years, Waxman and Markey Remain Free
  79. Great Document and very brave Men
  80. A funny in the CA budget war
  81. America deserves better than a Zippy
  82. The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence proved freedom is not free
  83. The Next Major Financial Crisis: Warren Buffett
  84. Anyone Get The Obama Agenda Survey?
  85. The Great Bank Robbery: How the Federal Reserve is destroying America
  86. Delinquencies On Prime Mortgages DOUBLE!
  87. crude oil???/
  88. How many of you have Somali or Sudanese vermin nearby?
  89. Travel Spending Up 50% since Dems took Congress
  90. Here we go; I was waiting on this Racist CHIT!
  91. Stop The Zippy Madness That's Killing Jobs
  92. US solder captured by Taliban ?
  93. CBS & Helen Thomas actually are starting to get it.....
  94. Potential "tomato famine" caused by corporate retailers
  95. Palin stepping down by end of month - why?
  96. Here you Go Enjoy:Holder: Whites, Ministers, Military Not Protected by Hate Crime Law
  97. Screw India!!!
  98. The Obama Deception
  99. I kinda like this ; )
  100. So whats up with Palin???
  101. Collin Powell Backtracks!
  102. Obama Is Like Coke Zero
  103. Madoff hires consultant
  104. Here's what y'get when the welfare crowd/minority block vote votes race
  105. Thanks Rats:50 Things Wrong with the Waxman Crap and Rape Americans Bill
  106. Why Nancy Pelosi's home state is broke
  107. This is where Obama got his idea on fixing the economy
  108. How did someone who's a total idiot get to Congress, let alone become VP of U.S.?
  109. I'm tired of hearing the Gloom and Doom crap
  110. Waxman-Markey (Malarkey) cap-and-trade bill stuffed full of unpleasant surprises
  111. Here you go Lefties your Idiot Zippy in College
  112. Goodbye, Gringo America L.A. Latinos celebrate the Farce of July
  113. Zippy the raving Leftist punk
  114. Biden the Baffon!
  115. Politics
  116. Grio
  117. Roger Simon: Don't overlook Palin's core GOP support
  118. Unreal they let Her talk like it is!
  119. Oil, Gas Market Speculation May Face Restrictions
  120. NBC Tired of Tired Ratings....Palin Interview
  121. I see that they are talking about a seconds stimulus....
  122. SarahPac
  123. LOL Ha Ha Ha Anyone want some cheap windmills?
  124. Just so you know behind every one of the Earths ill's is a Rat!
  125. Americans!!!!!!!!
  126. Putin Gives obama A Spanking!
  127. Eyes Up Beware!!
  128. We Need To Stop Saying The "M" Word
  129. Advertising you spent your money on you...
  130. Moron Traitor Alert!
  131. RacerX Award Candidate
  132. Obama's hand over heart for Russian national anthem, not US?
  133. Senate Blocks Ron Pauls Audit The Fed Bill
  134. Forgetting sarah palin
  135. Dinner With Obama
  136. Why I vote Democrat!
  137. "Powers that be" Kill Congressional Investigation into ACORN
  138. A Republic Ma'am, if you can keep it....
  139. Gulp....could Pelosi actually be telling the truth?
  140. Palin is now free to exercise her real power
  141. Fine Democrat!
  142. NY Rats fire White and Hire Minorities
  143. The Snow Plows Are Out Again!
  144. If you're not going to behave, you can't leave the White House
  145. Jack Kingston Member of Congress
  146. Hmmmmmmmm.........
  147. From a Soldier
  148. A hit on the 2nd Amendment by the Minority "Leaders" in Shreveport, Louisiana
  149. California v Texas America's future
  150. Not Good for Texas
  151. EMERGENCY (SAVE THE Squirrels)
  152. The Zippy:ex-convicts to "harvest the sun, heal the land, and repair our souls
  153. Sonya Sodamyor,
  154. N.C. highway patrol
  155. Zippys Science Czar: Forced abortions & mass sterilization needed to save the planet
  156. Zippy orders review of alleged slayings of Taliban in Bush era vs. Horse Soliders
  157. No Bias...Levi Johnston Keeps making Palin Headlines
  158. Zippy The Trickster
  159. CNN Obama Mouthpiece gets Slapped By Journalistic Integrity
  160. Budget Deficit tops $1 Trillion for 1st time
  161. Jesse Jackson Says "It Ain't Sooo"
  162. What happened to your windmills, Mr. Pickens?
  163. The Zippy fixes the Auto industry
  164. democrat beaten up by Republicans
  165. The tele breaks....tehe
  166. Obama Handshake Snubbed
  167. The pedophile protection act, AKA Hate crimes bill
  168. Billboard Claiming Martin Luther King Was Republican Angers Black Activists
  169. Zoo forced to rename primate called 'Obama'
  170. One way to confuse a LEFTY
  171. Forcing Change
  172. Minority Broadcasters Seek Federal Aid
  173. Marxist 'mentor' sold drugs with Obama
  174. HaHaHa Booooooooooooooooo
  175. Lets Agree On This?
  176. This guy is Very Right and can see clearly
  177. Rob Lamb: Time to show what you're made of
  178. Forkin looks like some cops from your neck of the woods!
  179. Am I Scared for Nothin ?
  180. Another Commie in the Wood Pile
  181. Something to think about.......
  182. ok this is ridiculous..........
  183. Get Back To Basics
  184. Related?
  185. Apollo moon site pictures
  186. Socialism Works!
  187. More Proof!
  188. An example of why our second amendment rights may be next.
  189. Ain't this the truth
  190. The Zippy shows his color again.
  191. Do you fear the worthless Zippy?
  192. Here we go beginning of the end: the Zippy uses EO to hide birth certificate
  193. Al Qaeda Affiliate Welcomed to USA under ZippyRule
  194. Oil, Oil, Everywhere!
  195. Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals
  196. Democrat or Republican
  197. Obama and congress on their own healthcare
  198. CNN Lefty gets her butt handed too her.
  199. LMAO Conman alert:The Zippys claimed hospital of birth in full reverse.
  200. Good old Ted
  201. We're out there.
  202. Auctioning off our coutnry's wealth
  203. Pahlin implicated in ethics probe.........
  204. La Governor Schools CNN Rat
  205. Anti War Protester At Pentagon
  206. Top 10 Most Outrageous Taxes Proposed (or Publicly Floated by The Zippy)
  207. Rat Problem in North Carolina: Conservative store closed in Mall
  208. America's Three Worst Presidents Before the The Zippy
  209. Nagging questions
  210. Delaware!!!! Yes!!
  211. Who is the Zippy??
  212. Government monopsony distorts climate science, says SPPI
  213. If just say, IF, Sarah Palin
  214. 16 Tons Of Debt
  215. Zippy we have a problem
  216. Healthcare response from my congressman
  217. The Ten Commandments by the Zippy
  218. hmmmmmm, housing market starting to recover......
  219. Here Thanks you Cretins who voted for the Zippy read this???
  220. The Obamas
  221. Gates?
  222. Moderate View Of barry boy
  223. Rush On Fox
  224. ACORN Rats under the lights
  225. Part 2 Gates the 57 States Zippy steps into it big time
  226. Ford Motor Co. makes 2.3 Billion last quarter..............without a bailout!!!
  227. The Zippy and his Czars; this is very BAD!!!!
  228. More Gates The Zippy in full reverse trying to pull his foot from mouth.
  229. Good news Guys for once.
  230. Zippy Care the Doctor will kill you now!
  231. Zippy the Horror story
  232. Audacity of Truth The Zippy
  233. Now We're Creating Frankenstein???
  234. The American Empire Is Bankrupt
  235. Bad Dream
  236. The Know nothing Zippy
  237. The Marxist Wimps Top Ten apologies
  238. Bad weather and global warming?
  239. More Zippy Crap:Our New Medical Judges
  240. The Zippy’s Disapproval rate hits Double Digits
  241. The Recession is Over - Newsweek
  242. Anyone See How Spain Is Doing??
  243. One for us
  244. Gates 911 tape
  245. More Gates the Police interview MSM is burying.
  246. Cash for Clunkers
  247. Well Guess What
  248. Dependence
  249. 26% Say Obama Response Good or Excellent on Cambridge Cop Question
  250. Bush 10X?