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  1. 50 Yr Old Cartoon, About Obama?
  2. Who's Going To Vote For A democrat, Esp. After This Blunder!
  3. Thank God obamacare Didn't Chose My Doctor
  4. The "Perfect Politician"
  5. 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus
  6. How to distroy your party, barry & Bite-Me Biden seems to have done it!
  7. US isn't in top 10 bus. friendly country list!
  8. Enviro nuts polute, cost us jobs!
  9. Letter from National "Washington" Tea Party Alert.com.. Cain raiseing $$$ in 72 hours
  10. Ron Paul Wins Historic Swing State Ohio's 1st GOP Straw Poll with 53%!
  11. The guy you keep children and small animals away from.
  12. Why Herman Cain Has The Potential To...Win
  13. New Herman Cain ad: The smoking man
  14. ~ Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
  15. LOL Creepy New Herman Cain Ad......Scary....
  16. Ron Paul on the TSA and the 2nd Amendment
  17. IBOPE Zogby Poll: Cain Trounces Romney in Head-to-Head Matchup(Cain 39, Romney 19)
  18. Rename This Forum Again
  19. Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll
  20. Presidential Series – Part #2: Herman Cain….He Gets it Right on the 2nd Amendment!!
  21. Mark Block, Herman Cain and the Koch Brothers
  22. Ron Paul on Cavuto earlier..Massive Grass Roots Support Like No Other...
  23. The 8 Most Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Toys
  24. WND Column of the DAY! "Lose the Empire to Save the Republic"
  25. Critics Furious As Border Agent Diaz Gets Two Years in Prison
  26. Presidential Candidate speaks out... Electoral Process Hijacked
  27. Who Funds the Radical Left In America?
  28. Congressman: Secret Report On TSA Will “Knock Your Socks Off”
  29. Mapping Where GOP Candidates Raise Their Campaign Donations ( A Must See)
  30. A day in the life of Lockjaws and Steve 1
  31. TUG Fail 2010!
  32. Another Cain Dollar Store Ad...No Coupon Required....
  33. Stephen Colbert Parodies Herman Cain’s Bizarre Campaign Ad LOLs
  34. Fed's not helping us in Alabama
  35. Moochelle Obama
  36. Obama buying more of the 2012 election
  37. Ron Paul and DADT
  38. LIRR Union Reps Arrested In Pension Scam! LOLs
  39. Ron Paul spends twice as much on Charter Flights as rest of GOP candidates
  40. Rick Perry bugging out again....
  41. Iron Dome Shoots Down Palestinian Morale
  42. Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street
  43. Did Oakland Police Intentionally Shoot Marine Vet Scott Olsen In the Head?
  44. Cranberries Great stuff
  45. Tea Party Fort Lauderdale’s Presidential Straw Poll Results
  46. Look at this Stupid Man!...Dumb as Rocks...
  47. Must Be Fake, Cops Aren't this Stupid???
  48. Insane old fool's rant
  49. wRONg Pauls Gift to our Military
  50. Americans: Awash In Spin
  51. Obama compares OWS to the Tea Party
  52. Get the Facts, Fight the Smears.
  53. Haftin' To Be Uproared---typical occupier
  54. Unions Thrown Under The Bus Again! LOLs
  55. More info on occupy oakland
  56. Iowa Republican Poll
  57. Rally to Restore the Constitution, 11/11/11 Washington DC
  58. Ron Paul Dominates NFRA Iowa Straw Poll - 10/29
  59. Earmarks anyone?
  60. Ron Paul Pumpkin.....very cool....
  61. The Funniest Herman Cain Political Ad Ever "He Carried Yellow Flowers"
  62. NY Times Exposes Obama's Troop Withdrawal Myth
  63. Yo Steve
  64. World of Judaica - Is Ron Paul Good for Israel? (Yes) For Steve "O"
  65. Herman Cain Ode to Pizza
  66. Cain Sings,My kind of president
  67. TOP Three Contributors to Ron Pauls Campaign US Army, US Navy and US Air Force
  68. Ron Pauls cabinet picks
  69. War Of The Worlds.
  70. Jon Stewart on Herman Cain and Rick Perry...Hilarious !
  71. Rick Perry NH Speech...WTF is wrong with this guy ? Incredible !
  72. Ron Paul at Republican Presidential Forum On Manufacturing - SOLID !
  73. South Carolina: Cain 33% Romney 23% Gingrich 15%
  74. Former President of National Restaurant Association has Ties to Mitt Romney Campaign
  75. ‘I Support Cain’ Means ‘The Country’s Fine Just As It Is’ by Tom Woods
  76. Cut Spending – But Not My Farm Subsidies!
  77. Rasmussen Poll (taken yesterday - Cain 26%, Romney 23%, Gingrich 14%)
  78. Young Americans For Freedom Expel Ron Paul
  79. LOOK OUT !!!! Boehner: Debt deal will include new tax revenues
  80. National Restaurant Association chairman during Cain’s tenure: ‘It’s a hatchet job’
  81. Neocon TV Personality Charles Krauthammer : Disarm the Citizenry
  82. ‘Outsider’ Cain Assembles Insider Team in Florida...Who woulda thunk it ?
  83. Kissinger Digs Cain’s ‘Brilliant’ Video
  84. Talking to a Ron Paul supporter
  85. New Spin On This, Bad Cops Go After Hero Cop!
  86. Wall Street Protesters & Their Basket Weaving Degrees!
  87. Obama rejects Congressional Supenea
  88. Herman Cain thinks gun ownership is a states rights issue?
  89. 1% solution
  90. accused of 4 counts of sexual harassment....
  91. obama Connection To Cain Accusers!!!!
  92. Ricky Perry
  93. California life is good with the EBT!!!
  94. What she didn't say - but did imply...
  95. Biden charges SS 26K for rent....
  96. CNBC removes poll Because Ron Paul Was winning
  97. Why America Will Be Great Again.
  98. Anyone, Texans?, Hear What Happened To This Nut??
  99. Marine vet teaches OWS heckler a lesson
  100. Obama campaign ad
  101. Very interesting video
  102. Another Detroit, 300 Mil. Debt For A City Of 50K
  103. obama Does Something Right, Rushes Air Base To Australia
  104. Franklin Rhiens, Distory The Housing Market, Get Paid 90 Mil.
  105. obama's War On Oil & Gas
  106. Ron Paul
  107. 8yrs of George Walker Bush vs 3yrs of Barack Hussein Obama
  108. Chris Mathews throws Obama under the bus!!!
  109. Barack Hussein Obama has only kept one campaign promise:
  110. Three and a Half Days
  111. Why Ron Paul won't win
  112. Best Government money can buy
  113. OPEC thanks the President
  114. Octs. Debt, 203 Billion-$680 Per American!
  115. Corslim Getting Sued By Unions, He Lost Their Pension $$$$$!
  116. More govt. less freedom
  117. Best news I have heard this year. Barney Frank retiring
  118. Unions, Gov. Contracts, = No Drug Testing!
  119. 1,400 Jobs Lost Cause obama favors Company With Ties To Iran!
  120. Big brother
  121. Are we toast.
  122. OWS- This explains a lot.
  123. Here are the 61 senators that just voted for Defense Authorization Act
  124. But they are just looking for a better life
  125. a good video repub vs dem
  126. Dems To Screw obama On This One!
  127. Our tax dollars at work...LOL!!
  128. Obama's Delusional, Dems Attack Him On Iran!
  129. I'll bet there's lots of $16 muffins in this tab!!!
  130. I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys-SOMEONE'S GONNA PAY FOR ME & MY KIDS!!!
  131. obama, Congress Can't Leave Washinton Until Tax Break Is Signed
  132. Funny One!!
  133. Barry Boy Orders Cover Up In Boarder Agents Death
  134. Fee, Fie, Foe, Figga.........
  135. TUG was RIGHT
  136. What happened to TUG and Steve1?
  137. Missile defense
  138. Good One Mitt!
  139. And He Forced Poor DC Kids Back Into Failed Schools
  140. who controls the media ?
  141. Our Drones
  142. Great To See, Mitt's Bailling Out, Must Not like Playing Hardball!!!!
  143. He's Totally Lost It!
  144. Wow, New Poles, Newts Up Big
  145. obama Protects Iran From 100-0 Senator Vote For Tuff Sanctions!
  146. obama Adimin. Scrambling, WHT-Newt!!!
  147. LOLs, barry cancells vacation!
  148. obama, caught, and by CBS no less!
  149. Another Great Example Of Why I Hate P-Sector Unions!
  150. New word of the day
  151. a good rant that played on television
  152. Wow, Not Good, Looks Like Global Cooling!
  153. OK Ron Paul Folks, Please Explain!!!
  154. LOLs obama Bans DNC Convention Protests!
  155. holder Attacks Media, Blames Them & America
  156. Media's In Panic, Attack Mode, On Newt!
  157. Good Song!
  158. Ok here's a poll to see who's for who.
  159. Funny One Bout The Lefty Media
  160. Is Iran is building a missile base in Venezuela?
  161. My write In for President
  162. weapons of mass destruction
  163. Warren Buffet
  164. EX CIA ? I like his tell it like it is / whistleblower style
  165. Fox News, Corslim Knew Of Illegal Transfer Of $$$$$
  166. LOLS Senator Machain "I Will Not Ask obama To Come To My State"
  167. government and big companies in cahoots
  168. barry boy signs away US land as IOU to China.
  169. Update on agenda 21, for those who might want to to stay current.
  170. Ron Paul Vs. Barrack Obama
  171. Russian Customs Seize Iran-Bound Radioactive Material
  172. You like Ron Paul, but not his foreign policy?
  173. Global Cooling Is Here, No BS
  174. Democrats Screw obama, Pass Repub. Bill Dispite His Veto Threat!
  175. Bachman Rips Paul
  176. What's The Story Here????
  177. Iraqi
  178. a huge threat to our freedom - National Defense Authorization Act
  179. IMF talking depression , will OUR economy crash soon
  180. hey wait a cotton pickin minute ? you can buy an election ?
  181. It's Started, Team obama Plays The Race Card
  182. freedom of speech , probably not for much longer
  183. ron paul the only whistleblower against the federal reserve (the scam)
  184. obama-biden, Taliban Aren't Our Enemy
  185. middle east , why we fight , blowback
  186. Well well
  187. This is islam
  188. Bush Is Missed!!!!
  189. for those who laugh at conspiracy "theories"
  190. obama To White Middle Class Votters, You Don't Count!
  191. W???t???f???...........................
  192. I Might Vote For barry Before I'll Vote For Mitt!
  193. Busted! Ron Paul racist rant!
  194. 2 minutes - why you cant go against ron paul
  195. Only The 4Th Best President, Com'om barry!!!
  196. FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists
  197. Ron Paul Throws In The Towel!
  198. Geez, what took them so long?
  199. A History Lesson On Jihad!
  200. Nat. Gas Prices Crash, So They Now Want To Export To Cut Supply
  201. The Obama's are all great at the Blame Game
  202. Obama and another broken Promise
  203. America's Sitting On The Worlds Greatest Wealth
  204. obama Bucks Ran Out, P-Sector Union Unity!
  205. I Don't Like The Guy But He's Good! LOLs
  206. Never Saw So Many 5.0 Quakes
  207. Iran, Someboby's Doing Something Right!
  208. Christie's At It Again!
  209. When you find out it all is real, worse than you could imagine, going on over 30 year
  210. Repubs Uncover obama Lie, Kill Ca. Bullet Train!
  211. 600K To Study Why Monkeys Throw Their Feces!
  212. obama's Home Owners BailOuts A Total Failure!
  213. UNCUT CNN INTERVIEW of Ron Paul.
  214. How About Trump-Paul? It Would Be A Winner!!!
  215. You'll See This On The TV Ads!
  216. propaganda video or a real concerened soldier
  217. Bank Of America-obama-Our Tax Dollars
  218. TSA To Expand, What's Next!!!!
  219. 90% Of Us Agree Here On Scream
  220. are these multi-millionaires in congress really looking out for YOUR best intrest
  221. The TSA expands beyond the airport...so which candidate(s) are against the TSA?
  222. Breaking news - Bachmanns campaign co chairman endorses ron paul
  223. crazy "big brother" stuff !!!
  224. Straight up if Ron Paul is the nominee will you vote for him??
  225. The R-Paul Message Is Here To Stay
  226. 77 + 4
  227. Courts Block obama-EPA Efforts To Close Coal Fired Power Plants!
  228. Changes Are Coming!
  229. we might fund Irans nuke - we need ron paul
  230. Ann Coulter on all the Republican Presidential hopefuls:
  231. Green Cars, They Don't Hold Up
  232. obama's Flooding America With Allowing Hi-Risk Visa's!
  233. Iowa Results, Santorum 24.6%, Romney 24.5%, Paul 21.4%
  234. Wow, NPR Bashes Solar Pannels!
  235. so you dont like ron paul
  236. Debt Generation
  237. History lesson
  238. Great To See, Cops Throw Out Their Trash
  239. Watch This Video, Esp. R Paul Folks!
  240. What If?
  241. Ron Paul's predictions in 2002: He was RIGHT
  242. Their just here for a better life.
  243. to anyone NOT supporting the constitutionalist
  244. listen
  245. Im sorry i still think romney is a crook
  246. sooooooooo................
  247. bushs fault ?
  248. Grey haired brigade
  249. The Guberment owns the rainwater... whats next ?
  250. What?? Ron Paul fly's first class??