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  1. The Obama Legacy
  2. I am so sick of
  3. Betty Ford
  4. Obama's Stimulis, ATF and $10 Million in taxpayers money linked to Gun Runner
  5. Oh Boy Republicans Yanking Social Security Checks
  6. This Is Hard To Believe!!!!
  7. VA Veterans Cemetery bans the words "God," "Jesus" -- offensive, no longer allowed
  8. Obama's B-Day party while Seniors, Military and Vets go without their checks.
  9. national debt
  10. The Knockout Game: Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media
  11. A Good Read!!!
  12. I am liking this guy
  13. Czars? what CZARS, HERE THEY ARE
  14. Liberal Dem. Steve Winn Trashes obama!!!
  15. Little johnny
  16. obama Nailed For Laughting About The Economy
  17. If you think that "Something" is wrong with this country, you may want to read this.
  18. DHS Video White Middle Class Most likely Terrorist
  19. Winehouse dead.....
  20. If I was John B and Mitch M
  21. Debt talks are meaningless
  22. obama's Civilian Army, Its Here, Watch The Video.
  23. Sadara Chemical Company
  24. Dhimmitude -- What does it mean? Obama used it in the health care bill.
  25. Boehner versus Obama
  26. Economic Freedom
  27. New World Order....Judge for yourself
  28. An Outrage, Watch Video.
  29. Government gone Wild.Pass this video along.
  30. New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism
  31. Government shows off their UFOs again.
  32. Obama needs to ask this company how to get out of debt
  33. OMG!!! The sy is falling!!!!
  34. Boat found in Everglades canal........
  35. Elaborate welfare housing project
  36. El Qaeda Says Thanks You Obama For The Tens Of Billions In Aid!
  37. Sold out again!
  38. Nation wide fuel cap $1.49.9 per gallon!
  39. Things that make you say "Help me God"
  40. $86.00 per barrel oil prices
  41. Welfare...my thoughts.
  42. A Tale Of Two Presidents, Via The Marines
  43. Smart Business Lady and very nice rant,without a idiot board!!
  44. In Only Five Yrs, Our EPA Permits Would Take That Long!
  45. Billions for Jihid
  46. Obama Fund Raising after 634 point drop.....
  47. Runway Slave, the movie.
  48. A picture tells a thousand words.........
  49. Bob Beckel, London Riots Were Justified!
  50. Unions Got A A-Kicking In Ws Re-Call Election
  51. Sharpton Drunk???
  52. A President In Over His Head Should Resign
  53. Obama Re-Election Movie Gives Away Classified Tactics!
  54. obamacare, has fees on yor 401K and more.
  55. Obamas on a 10 day MV Vacation next week.....
  56. Feds To Probe Global Warming Scams
  57. Meltdown
  58. GOP Debate, Bachman Distroyed Pewenty In Less then 4 Mins, He's Toast!
  59. Oooops
  60. Ron Paul
  61. Zero Co-Pays And The Public Sector Unions, What they Lost
  62. Fox News Removes GOP debate Poll
  63. Proof of Fox News deception ( must see)
  64. Nationwide Poll Fox doesnt want you to see......
  65. Obama's rating in world opinion has dropped so low that
  66. A Sample of Polls won by Ron Paul
  67. Rightwing Extremism: as seen by Dept of Homeland Security
  68. Interesting article
  69. Unions At It Again???
  70. Our Next President, Who's Going To Try To Attack Her????
  71. Sept. 17, 18, & 19Th, Commies. Lib Tarts, & P-Sect. Unions To Shut Down The Country!
  72. Ron Paul stops Hitler with his rapid ascendence to President
  73. I feel your pain Alex....
  74. All of Pauls GOP debate questions and (whole) answers " Iran" at 6:00
  75. Anyone See Fox @ 5?
  76. John Stewart Ron Paul and the Top Tier
  77. Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies
  78. Where have all the BO BO supporters gone? OH NO!!!!!!!
  79. Is Press snubbing Ron Paul
  80. 70% Of American Cities Under Attack!
  81. I Can't Believe The Fools Running The IBEW
  82. Rick Perry (Eminent Domain)
  83. Jailed
  84. Egypt, Hamas, Irsael
  85. OK This is a little creepy.....
  86. Sign Of The Times, Dems Sell Out Unions
  87. Ron Paul A 2012 Revolution
  88. UnderCover Boss
  89. AGENDA 21 FOR DUMMIES A MUST READ, and a video about your new electric meter
  90. The taxpayers best friend
  91. Radiation.....
  92. Gaddafi Goes Underground, Plans Terror Attacks On New Government.
  93. How is it??
  94. A question to ask your senator and congressman.
  95. Johnny Cashless sings
  96. Post Card Ideas
  97. Feds buying up flooded farmland, George Soros in on it......
  98. Another drunk illegal scumbag kills.
  99. Ron Paul Wins NH Straw poll
  100. Our president when abroad
  101. Tens Of Millions In Union Dues, No Nothing, Or No-More???
  102. Rick Perry tied to Agenda 21 Globalist Policies Good Read!
  103. Con Ed may shut off power to lower Manhatten
  104. obamaspast.com
  105. Illegal
  106. ‘This Is WAR’ — Congressional Black Caucus Travels US Cities Using Violent Rhetoric:
  107. Welcome to the Recovery
  108. "Fixing" Social Security - Robert Reich's view
  109. Facing Life for Recording Police
  110. Jobs...........................
  111. It just dont stop.................
  112. Ever wonder where the "Greenie" Environazis get their money?
  113. Wonder what Democrat/Socialist have in mind for your kid in school? 6 & 7 grade
  114. Rick Perry..... Nice Grades....
  115. Perry mum on GOP debate as Texas wildfires rage
  116. Rick Perry in the lead!!!
  117. Clinton knew how to balance the budget TAX THE RICH
  118. Jon Huntsman for president
  119. ***Notice to Forum Members*** Forum Name Change
  120. Disrespect
  121. Hr 4646
  122. Perry and Gore
  123. New Game
  124. You should pass it right away......
  125. New Terror Threat for 9-11-11
  126. KUHNER: Obama and the lunatic left
  127. Allen West, speaker of the truth?
  128. Please fly your American flags at half staff on 9-11
  129. Obama Trapped
  130. If you need FEMA for Irene, your'e a loser....
  131. Remembering the 9-11 victims
  132. Democrats say there may be a challenge to Obama on Democratic ticket in 2012
  133. Scuba tanks don't explode........
  134. Wookie alert!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. We win with another federal court
  136. Back From Vacation
  137. Turner Wins, Dems To Dump barry boy
  138. Fuuny One, obama's Rat Out Web Site!
  139. Country of Origin markings?
  140. "Those Voices Don't Speak for the Rest of Us"
  141. Perry Looked Bad Last Night!
  142. This is what a Harvard education gets you......
  143. pictures of the Border fence in Brownsville,Texas
  144. Immigration questions dog Perry after debate
  145. Who Benefited from Job Growth In Texas?
  146. Jon Stewart on Rick Perry
  147. The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act
  148. Treasonous Executive Orders Wake up people Hope you don't have a heart attack
  149. Bachmann tells the truth, This is not a "anybody but Obama race"
  150. That be da KKK over dare.....
  151. Something just for Tug
  152. I'm Sure They Will Still Vote For The Fool
  153. The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers”
  154. Any one see Cain on the tube this morn?
  155. More fun for Tug
  156. Crony Socialism: Obama Gives $737 Million to Solar Firm Linked to the Pelosi Clan
  157. Congratulations Lockjaw ! Strong Immigration Law passed in Alabama...
  158. Meet the new Republican Frontrunner
  159. Get some class will ya???????????
  160. good example of stubborn unions,,,
  161. Falcon 9 Rocket
  162. Biden Blames obama For Bad Economy!
  163. We Got Him!!!
  164. The Nut Job said we should not "Assassinate" American citizens like the terrorists.
  165. Federal Reserve audit exposes major securities fraud,the embezzlement of $16 trillion
  166. Michelle Obama Loses Law License
  167. Ron Paul, ACLU condemn Anwar al-Awlaki killing
  168. Mitt and Rick’s Secret Donor Deal
  169. Slick Rick gets asked about his Tea Party meeting
  170. When A President Can Kill Who Ever He Wants
  171. Ron Paul on boarder fence-keeping Americans in
  172. Can we please
  173. Ron Paul and his earmarks
  174. Black Panther Threatens Student Activist for Passing Out Constitutions
  175. Occupying Wall Street Media Blackout, Letter to Occupiers
  176. Gotta love hank jr
  177. Solar That Works
  178. Try not to laugh,these are the demands of the Wall-Street Punks.
  179. What do you think will happen?
  180. Wedding of the Century...
  181. Allen West Rips Samuel L. Jackson
  182. Occupy Wall Street? Do you even understand Wall Street?
  183. Obama Jobs Bill
  184. Occupy Wall Street is FAKE, organized by SEIU & ACORN
  185. The Democrats Envy the Tea Party, So They Created a Bad Imitation
  186. Eric Holder
  187. Great Speech
  188. Andrew Jackson: Tea Party President
  189. Such a way with words
  190. fort knox-watched a documentary on history channel- noone knows if gold is even there
  191. My day at the Occupy The Fed Rally
  192. College Conspiracy... The Truth is in here...
  193. Herman Cain is a Pimp for the Fed.....
  194. Cain surging, edging Obama
  195. Nazi occupation of Wall street by liberal fascist parasite bums
  196. A different type of protest: Hundreds rally in support of Gibson Guitars
  197. Scumbags Protest at the Air and space Museum
  198. Herman Cain on Occupy Wall Street - Extended
  199. Shocking! Obama Apologizes to Slain Terrorist’s Family
  200. Check This Out, 1 Billion For Dems Sons Mexican Solar Company!
  201. Iran Bomb Plot Sinks Ron Paul's Credibility
  202. Japan refuses the idea of Obama apologizing for nukes in WWII
  203. Read it and weep Tug, Cain leads the field
  204. Herman Cain's 999 Plan
  205. The Official Herman Cain 2012 Thread
  206. Morgan Freeman: Yes, The Tea Party Is Racist
  207. Paul Ryan
  208. Cain names Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan as possible 2012 vice presidential picks
  209. The Herman Cain appeal: 'Simplicity is genius'
  210. A REAL reason to be mad at Herman Cain Ruh Rooooo
  211. THE FED DID IT ! Peter Schiff and Ron Paul had it right!
  212. Everything you need to know about Herman Cain
  213. Reagan Economist Breaks Down 999 Plan
  214. Today’s 22% Hidden Sales Tax vs. Cain’s 9% Visible Sales Tax
  215. Wait until the media gets a hold of this, Paul to cut 1 Trillion..
  216. Values Voter straw poll organizers suggest a fix in Ron Paul's win
  217. Ron Paul's 15 Most Extreme Positions
  218. Hey Steve 1
  219. Hey Steve 1
  220. SNL GOP Debate on Marriot TV LOL
  221. Uh oh
  222. Nut Ron Paul Booed
  223. This is Herman Cain's Foreign Policy!
  224. Cain on Meet The Press .... EPIC FAIL !
  225. Extensive Ties To A Powerful Koch Group Boost Cain
  226. The Blaze: Time To Free the Herman Cain Slaves
  227. Herman Cain - The Fall Begins Today
  228. Peter Schiff exposes the heel of Herman Cain's 999 plan
  229. RASMUSSEN Reports at Noon Eastern… Developing... POLL: CAIN 43% OBAMA 41%
  230. a great rant bashing both repubs and dems
  231. Ron Paul on foreign policy
  232. Big Banks Refuse to Let People Close Accounts
  233. responses to 9 false attacks on 9-9-9
  234. The Despicable Lies of Herman Cain
  235. Ron Pauls "Plan to Restore America"
  236. Ron Paul on CNN / Wolf Blitzer 10/17/11 - Introducing Plan to Restore America
  237. why ron paul has ZERO chance to win the republican presidential primary
  238. Ron Paul Booed to oblivion.
  239. Rush Limbaugh Endorses Ron Pauls Restore America Plan
  240. Official Cain vs. Paul thread
  241. Read and weep Paulies!
  242. Pew Research Confirms Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul
  243. GOP Debate Stream link
  244. 9/9/9
  245. 1 Marine vs 30 Cops ( Marine Wins by humiliating them)
  246. Ron Paul BLACK THIS OUT Money Bomb Oct. 19
  247. Rename this forum
  248. Islam creeping in
  249. Last nights debate
  250. President Obama’s Teleprompters stolen