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  1. 30,543 Reasons Spending Is Out of Control
  2. Anybody else see the mess with obama and Paul McCartney last night?
  3. Were's The obama Boys???
  4. Leftist Propaganda from PBS
  5. Here is a "good" Democrat
  6. Little Barry fighting the Oil spill
  7. Why does the Commie man child in the Whitehouse not do this???????????????
  8. Obama and the Gulf: Two Toxic Gushers
  9. Bill would allow state colleges to consider race
  10. Obama at the beach
  11. Van der Sloot Confesses to Peru Killing
  12. QUIZ: Who said it — Democratic leaders or Communist Party USA?
  13. just who the **** is....................
  14. Pyro ever hear of this guy?
  15. FBI: Mexicans chased away US agents after shooting
  16. Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque
  17. DON RICKLES ROASTS THE DEMS. Hey Don they prefer to be called Rats.
  18. ICE to make detention centers more humane
  19. Bp
  20. punched in the face - was this on the mainstream "news"
  21. Flos Boss is a filthy commie lover.
  22. Jones Act stalling the Oil Cleanup ? Say it isnt so !
  23. California Now the Least-Educated State
  24. True words: Migrants 'make Germany dumb' says central banker in astonishing outburst
  25. More dirt on ACORN
  26. Where's The "No Blood For Oil" liberals!!!
  27. Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk
  28. Hawaii elections clerk hits YouTube
  29. "I am a Muslim," Obama Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister
  30. Liberal scumbag alert:Residents get 6 votes each in suburban NY election
  31. Presidential Speech
  32. Obama skips Oil Rig Memorial for Barbara Boxer Fundraiser
  33. Take back C&P
  34. South Carolina I present you Alvin Greene.
  35. Barton Apologizes to BP
  36. Coast Guard Shuts Down Oil Skimmers
  37. Federal Government Oil Spill Training
  38. I'm confused about all this oil well stuff. Who's to blame, who's not to blame...
  39. Only in the South.... candidate for Gov. of Ga. admits to sex with............
  40. how much are these guys getting paid in the gulf dragging booms around?
  41. DOJ will sue Arizona..??WTF
  42. Attention Gulf Residents
  43. Obama & Holder: “YOU have NO standing to ask any Questions!”
  44. Bust of Stalin installed at D-Day Museum
  45. lie..........lie...........lie .....lie...............
  46. speak the truth................
  47. Congratulations Gulf oil patch workers!!
  48. oil spill 3 weeks ago
  49. Obama says war general's showed 'poor judgment'
  50. my new favorite actor - jon voight
  51. This is an outrage: US Dept. of Labor running commercials on fair pay for illegals
  52. Energy Secretary and.......BP????? Will save the world??????
  53. Iran Sends Troops To Boarder, Says US & Isreal Ready To attack
  54. Interesting
  55. Folks Said To Put Gulf Homes For Sale!
  56. Obamites: The Private Sector as Cash Cow Only
  57. Sarah palin’s goal of 50% renewable energy use in alaska signed into law
  58. G8/20 summit Protesters VS Tea Party Protesters!
  59. Hopefully not coming to your town.
  60. Supreme Court strikes down ban on handguns
  61. Two Problems, One Solution
  62. UN troops in New Orleans???????
  63. Minorities
  64. Showing I.D.
  65. The system worked in this case
  66. Gov Christie Fools dems
  67. Why is the Gulf Cleanup So Slow
  68. Happy 4th of July !
  69. Gore "Unwanted Sexual Contact"
  70. Ted Nuggent labels obama "clueless communist"
  71. NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World
  72. Electile Dysfunction
  73. Border Invasion
  74. Here's what's wrong with our schools, and the kids they turn out
  75. Found a good website
  76. bammy sues Arizona
  77. Arizona ban on NEW government regulations
  78. more bad/obama news . healthcare
  79. Good reading
  80. $500K donated to Ariz. to defend law
  81. More on the spill you can't make this stuff up.
  82. The Reparations Administration
  83. Keep the Change
  84. Just a few reasons why California is broke
  85. Black Panther President Praises Bin Laen
  86. Death Tax = Blood Suckers
  87. Oakland Chaos
  88. Obama can now shut down the internet or specific sites.
  89. NAACP resolution condemns racism in tea party
  90. Obama the puppet
  91. Iowa Billboard
  92. 20 million for signs?
  93. they just never quit.......................
  94. See this??? Michele Bachmann is taking it to them
  95. the feds and treasury are hurting.............
  96. Funny Stuff: Mark Williams: NAACP's Use Of 'Colored' Makes It Racist
  97. SHOCK: Video Suggests Racism At NAACP Event
  98. Media Conspiracy?
  99. obama "My Muslim Faith Teaches Me"
  100. The race card ? lets open the door
  101. Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures
  102. Arizona
  103. Congress debates extending Bush middle class tax cuts?????????
  104. Breaking: Multiple ranches in laredo, tx taken over by los zetas
  105. World's 10 worst economies
  106. Charlie Rangel WANTS YOU!!!!
  107. John Force a libtard?
  108. devout muslims
  109. SEC to John Q Citizen.....NO
  110. FEC charges against Obama
  111. Libs further trash their re-election possibilities
  112. read this........................
  113. How to fix America
  114. Tax hikes
  115. The American Icon, "Bald Eagle"..has been replaced..
  116. Agency weighs skirting Congress on immigration
  117. Could be in political forum, but our butts are at stake here...future..read..
  118. North Vietnamese General Giap Admits Near-Defeat
  119. Got to love Gov Christie!!!
  120. The View.
  121. LOOK at what this human garbage is doing to our flag
  122. oabama care take huge hit, 71 to 29%!
  123. Your Kenyan Tribal Leader
  124. ok, here goes the race card again..............
  125. Obama supporter gets clocked
  126. but but but................
  127. On FOXNEWS
  128. First "lady's" vacation
  129. Birds of a feather flock together; Convicted felon's son marries two
  130. Wasteful Programs of Oloons Stimulus Plan How do you defend This CRAP
  131. Retired general says Congress should give Obama ultimatum
  132. Just in time for November
  133. Robert Gibbs Proves "You Can’t Fix Stupid"
  134. Federal judge orders 6 votes per latino voter in N.Y.
  135. Obama the best thing to happen to the U.S. in decades
  136. Comrad kenyan/muslim socialist obama throws his support behind mosque in NY
  137. Solar Pannels
  138. Our View: Civil servants paid more like masters
  139. Barack Obama Really Thinks We’re Idiots
  140. Obamas announce fifth vacation since July
  141. The worst president in history
  142. American Suicide
  143. "Pigford v. Glickman", the real reason that Shirley Sherrod was canned?
  144. White House says Obama is Christian, prays daily
  145. GIANT oil plume
  146. Culture of corruption: The music video
  147. Ray Stevens - God Save Arizona
  148. Dubbya rises while Odumbo falls.
  149. Iran: Repeat of history?
  150. Palin, Tea Party, Win Big In Alaska!
  151. McAmnesty wins again.
  152. stuff made in China
  153. Obama admin gives illegal aliens 'backdoor' amnesty
  154. Glenn Beck
  155. Locusts don't just come over the river.
  156. Another Airport Security Screw-Up!
  157. Brewers letter to Hilidabeast
  158. Proof: Democrats at Fault for the Recession
  159. 30 years if you lie to Congress
  160. A message from the Obama administration
  161. Boortz goes ballistic on Commie I Me !!!!!!!!!!!!
  162. we are living in a police state
  163. More Monkey business from the Government sueing Arizona Colleges for discrimination
  164. Education Reform, DC Style, And By Dems
  165. Watch for this to be in the next 2000+ page bill
  166. Does Biden say "General Betray-Us"?
  167. Newt on mosque near former World Trade Center site
  168. You know..................
  169. 72
  170. You know times are tough for obama when even the liberal commedians start in on him
  171. Union Conservatives
  172. 50 States in Debt, click on the pictures
  173. IQ and Wealth.
  174. show where the head muslims concerns are............
  175. Obama "they talk about me like a dog".
  176. “Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Proces
  177. The National Debt Road Trip
  178. Burn the Koran... Quaran or how the **** ever you spell it
  179. Imam Feisal...
  180. Hey witch, how about 12 seat private jet..(read on)
  181. Are you registered to vote?
  182. Do you know why your are pissed, and aint going to take it any more? Here it is!
  183. Prime Minister John Howard - Australia , We Need someone like this in charge.
  184. Vet Convicted, Illegal Walks
  185. Never Forget 9/11!!!!
  186. Taxes, here's what the crooks in congress are piling on us Jan 1, 2011
  187. burning koran on youtube
  188. Maybe this will shock you!
  189. do we blame the republicans , or the democrats ?
  190. The RINO and the RAT
  191. When You're Holding A Hammer (Everything looks Like A Nail)
  192. Raising your kids the right way!
  193. Time to step up Guys. This is damn important. Sign the petition.
  194. seems they finally got it......................
  195. Taiwans take on the Tea Party
  196. OK guys here we go................
  197. Article On Muslim Deceit
  198. If You Care About The Military...
  199. 1099 Provision in the Health Care Bill?
  200. Obama Loons answer this
  201. CNBC Obama town hall today
  202. Think this guy is ready lose is "cool"..
  203. IRAN away 'cause I wuz sceered of him!!!! In the news today!
  204. UAW in action.....
  205. Colbert on immigrant farm jobs, on C span.....
  206. Muslims, why do we need them in the USA?
  207. BoBo's Auntie....
  208. UN funding
  209. Obama - Fox News is destructive MSNBC is invaluable
  210. No Pressure
  211. This is really sickening
  212. The Crusades
  213. Political Bias The Challenge "Liberal Media To Tell The Truth"
  214. Great article with insite of Obuma's upbringing
  215. Obama's Roommate speaks Out
  216. our tax dollars at work
  217. Flag of Islam Will Fly Over White House
  218. NBA or NFL
  219. Odumbo gets book thrown at him during rally
  220. Greek Health Care
  221. Your Taxdollars At Work
  222. Odumbo's Auntie feel we Owe her and she has all the right to be here Illegally
  223. How to make a bimbocrat fighting mad
  224. Chevron's EPA Partial Waiver
  225. Vote DemocRAT
  226. California elections...
  227. That jerk prez...flying all over, CAMPAIGNING THE DEM SENATORS, up re-elect?
  228. New Obama Billboard
  229. I've seen this look before
  230. BoB Hope says it best...........
  231. This You Tube is Right on target.
  232. A little history about the Jewish, the Muslims and the Nazi's
  233. 20 people..
  234. Here is what a Trillion looks like, Kenyan Clown added 3 trillion in 21 months debt
  235. State lawmakers preparing citizenship legislation
  236. This is great
  237. Parking Lot Liberals
  238. President Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes While in Office, New Book Claims
  239. Chevy Volt Fraud
  240. Soros buys NPR for $1.8M, lol
  241. Man Fired for Wearing Bush Sweatshirt at Obama Rally
  242. Call Me Senator!
  243. First Lady
  244. Entire Taj Mahal Hotel Reportedly Booked for Obama Mumbai Visit
  245. BIDEN: GOP spending $200 billion
  246. Importance of Bats
  247. Great News From NJ
  248. Hear of this one..E-2 visa?
  249. Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud
  250. It's official