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Thread: Twister props

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    They're neat for displays, but 2 blade no-rake cleavers are about worthless to run. I figured they were worth about 25 bucks each, but looks like somebody thinks a lot more. Interesting to see.

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    Thats a neat set of props,and where are you going to get a SET???? I have a set of 20 3 blade records, but they are bronze. I wish they were steel. And just think of how fast 2 props would push a boat. The man selling them had a switzer, so they must have worked on that rig.

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    At rumble a guy bought a cat it was around 15 ft and he had 2 110 ssmercs. He had a set of props identical to that and the boat ran strong. It was all original from the dealer. I dont have any pictures of the boat but someone here might. I think the boats was a mayflair cat. Rick

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    Man, you've gotta be kiddin' me. Those blades brought $535.55. I can't figure it out. Makes me want to start E Bayin' all my surplus stuff.
    Dave, those props had to bring that kinda' money because of uniqueness. There are a lotta different SSM blades that'll outperform the old two blade no rakes. I even found the little round ears in 3 blade to be a lot better blades and I do have several sets of L & R pairs in them. When the 3 blade cleavers came out in both high and low rake (even the low rake 3 blades had tons more than the older 2 blades) they made all of that stuff obsolete.

    Since yours are bronze and more unusual nowdays that stainless, there ain't any tellin' what somebody'd pay for them.

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