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  1. Double decker trailer

    I have a heavy duty trailer that takes a boat on its own trailer on the top deck and a car (or SUV) on the bottom deck. Trailer could be modified to hold a boat on the bottom deck with or without its own trailer. The top deck can take most any type or trailer such as a double PWC trailer etc. The trailer was originally designed to use behind an RV but after selling the RV I have used the bottom deck to haul multiple dirtbikes an ATV and gearboxes (with a boat on top) on some 1500 mile trips. The trailer pulls great! The top deck loads easily with a winch. The reason the boat uses its own trailer on the top deck is so that you don't have to dunk the whole trailer in saltwater unlike some of the other designs. I have a few pictures that can be scaned and emailed. or try $4000. Todd

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    Just a few questions ?? How big a trailer is it?? Can you post a pic or two or email them to me?? I was going to build something like this to carry my motorcycles in/on along with my boat.

    Oh yea if you filled out you location I wouldn't have to ask???
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    Where are you and the trailer located, electric or hyd brakes, how long of boat will it handle on top and how wide of trailer. Jerry
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  4. Double Decker

    First off we are in Atlanta Georgia area. The Double Deck trailer started off as a 16' Samson cartrailer. I was told that it had 7500lb axles but I have never verified. It was originally built by a guy in Illinois who called me to buy it back about a year after he sold it to me. He put a Ford Explorer on the bottom and had an outboard powered fishing boat of approx 17' on the top. The track on the fishing boat was somewhat narrow and it was only set up to haul his particular boat. Since I always have different boats and needed maximum adjustability I had a local welding shop make a number of improvements such as: the top deck was widened to handle a trailer with up to 8.5'; adjustable wheel stops were incorporated on the top deck; the hoop mechanism for the trailer tongue was improved and made adjustable for various length boats the ramp rails were strengthen and the bottom ramps were also made adjustable for the 8.5 width. The way the DDtrailer works is that there are two sets of ramps, one from the ground to the lower deck then another set up to the upper deck. The top boat is backed up to the lower ramp and the winch cable (50’ remote control) is attached to the rear cross member of the trailer. Then the trailer is winched up both sets of ramps until the boat trailer tongue is about 5’ behind the DD trailer; at that point a pin is placed through a bracket on the bottom of the trailer tongue which attaches the tongue to a pivoting hoop which comes up to an upright position as the trailer backs up the ramps. Then locking pins hold the hoop upright and you adjust the wheel stops to secure the trailer wheels. I normally put a couple of car tie downs on the boat trailer and after you stow the ramps you are done.
    I think that weight more than length is the controlling limitation on the size of the top boat. My best quess is up to about 3,500 lbs would be OK. The top deck is about 4’ feet long so that you can move the boat fore and aft to balance as necessary. You can also balance by moving the load on the bottom deck around (like backing a car on instead of pulling on forward etc). Typically an outboard boat would have the motor over the DDtraler tongue and if you had a 18’ boat about 2’ of boat would hang over the end of the DDtrailer—of course it would be 10’ up in the air. I am going to try and attach some loading sequence pictures to this post—the only ones I have are for a 13’ boat. Lets see any other questions—oh yea – it has electric brakes on all four wheels, which have about 4,000 miles on them. Also I currently have the wood deck off to replace but you could put bunks on the bottom instead of decking but if you did that I would change to the waterproof electric brakes. When you see the trailer loaded you think that is lot of weight up high but it doesn’t tow that way. Think about full keel sailboats you see sitting high up on trailers that are not as substantial as this one. Todd
    PS I will work on the pictures apparently my pictures are too large and I am not able to load at this time.

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