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    crossflow intake?

    How and where, if at all, does the crossflow intake benefit?
    Like say on a 200 V-6 with Boysen reeds an' tight heads?
    With 5 reed sys. or 7 reed? Where's the advantage?
    Happy holidays!

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    Are you talking about a Mercury intake that has been cross drilled, or an intake for a crossflow V6 OMC engine?

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    Question Merc of course!

    I thought I'd try drilling a 7 reed intake if thats gonna
    gimme some speed or somethin' Whaddya think?
    Does it effect a 5 reed intake more... I would think so!
    Whats your thoughts?

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    cross flow

    started with stock 2.4 175 hp

    2.4 stock crank and piston no porting
    150 ish compression (shaved the heads)
    mod v.p. cross drilled intake with 5 pedeal worked cages
    200 carbs
    removed exhaust can and installed modified tuner

    once we installed some 50's on air and 92's on gas bumped timming, runs like a spotted a$$ ape. running a little rich, turning a worked 24 chopper 7000 rpm's @ 74+ mph (gps) on a 1986 18' skeeter starfire fish and ski fully rigged.

    i think the cross drilled helped the mid range and top end, mainly the mid, it has a lot more punch after 3000, and revs up faster, you will read in other posts that people feel that it hurts bottom end and is hard to get it to idel, i don't agree, idels fine, starts right up on fisrt turn of the key, maybe a small amount of bottem end is affected, but not enough to noticed. hope this helps

    still fine tuning.
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    Does anyone feel that it would be worth doing
    this to a 7 pedal intake or is this redundant?
    Happy holidays!

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    I tried a factory cross drilled 7-petal intake (square hole) on a stock 2.4 200. I lost 400 rpm compared to a stock 5 petal intake at 6000 rpm. Everything else was left the same: carbs, timing.

    Leave it for 7000 rpm and above.

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    Thumbs up Thanks!

    I think I have my answer! Thanks much!

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    Cross drilling

    I have a factory cross drilled 7/14 petal intake on my 2.4, idles like s*** at about 1600rpm, wh 15's, and hole shot sux!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by T-REX
    Dave, if you D port the pistons(which I recomend) also drill the F/P holes bigger...I go to 1/2", cuz the F/P' are about 1/2" wide...with the Dport and larger holes, U will feel the diffrence...You can also add a Crossdrilled manifold for sum extra kick from 3500 up...BUT, it will effect the bottom end purdy much...maked low end tuning a nightmare...Big rods don't show me anything except weight...I have never had a lil rod break(yet), the Top guide rods will make more HP(bet ya didn't know a rod would make HP)...the top Guide haz less friction and keeps the rod in the center of the piston, thus less piston wobble...I also heard the big rods stuff the crank, If it does, it ain't enuff to overcome the extra weight, cuz theres no new numbers...OH, heres tha **** stirrer, I like the square 2.5 long offshore tuner...It will help out the bottom and iz big enuff to allow high rpm...Now, git ya ass out ther and cut that grass so yo better half can git finished weedeating... REX
    Taken from thi thread...

    Power Marine 650 Offshore Race, Yamaha 130 Pro-V

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