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    Thumbs up '89 Virage Turbo Stage III hull W/modified 2.5 EFI (260)

    After retiring the Viking / EFI Bridgeport, I got a '89 Virage turbo. It has 8" of setback and a modified '94 260 Merc. So far I've seen 101 mph on GPS. These boats are awesome in the rough stuff without sponson spray. You can see it on the IHR.

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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    i wuz bored check it out

    not bad for a 1st try huh?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails prattvirage copy.jpg  

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    Thumbs up I like it!!!!!

    Looks great!! I'm still amazed at what you can do on a computer. Wish I could figure out how to get a picture from the IHR on my posts. Oh well.....
    Thanks for sharing.

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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    How to, Ron.....

    To put your IHR pic (or any online JPG,BMP, etc) i a post here (this is for Netscape, IE is similar):

    - Go and display the pic you want on your desktop

    - Right click on the picture

    - Select 'Save Image As...' (Save Picture As in IE)

    - Save the image in your favorite folder on your hard drive

    - Point to the image with the BROWSE button in the 'Attach file:' section of the S&F Reply screen.


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    Question HUH?????

    Let's try this.... Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails prattvir11.jpg  

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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    Question Hummmm...............

    I wanted this picture to be under my name. I got instructions for this a while ago but when I right clicked on the image on the IHR, I diden't get the option I was supposed to select(it wasn't highlighted) guess I'm hosed!

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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    pyro Guest


    They call that little picture under your name an AVATAR. Click "user cp" at the top of the page. At the next page, click "options". At the bottom, there's a place where you can upload an avatar image. It must be 100 x 100 pixels or less. Plug your favorite virage photo into photoshop and re-size it. Or better yet, what's your e-mail address? I'll borrow your photos off of the IHR later today if I get time, and I'll re-size them and send the small images to you as attachments.
    -Chad the pyro-maniac

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    pyro Guest

    hey ron

    Ron, I borrowed the IHR pics, cropped and re-sized them. What's your e-mail? I'll send them to you!

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    Thumbs up Here ya go

    Thanks Pyro!!

    How do you get the second picture at the end of your post? Can you resize the picture off the IHR of the boat running? (Under member pictures?) I'd like to have that one by my signature. Thanks!!
    Last edited by AlaskaStreamin; 12-01-2001 at 11:41 AM.

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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    pyro Guest


    Click on "user cp", then click "profile" on the next page. Under "signature", you need to add VB code to include your IHR image in your signature. Add
    (img) with the appropriate address for the image, at the end of the signature, BUT USE BRACKETS INSTEAD OF PARENTHESES. If I typed it in brackets, it would try to put a picture in this post!! To get the address, go to the IHR site, right click on your small image, and select properties. You can copy and paste that address. If you click on your thumbnail, the large image comes up. For the sake of our slow modems and small screens, use the thumbnail image, not the full-size one. They are separate images. Nobody wants to see a huge image at the end of every post. You can't host images from just any site. But, the IHR is cool, and they can host images, allowing us to pull the data from the IHR site, and use it on this site. I sent your e-mail, I made Avatar images of all six pictures. .

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    pyro Guest
    hey ron, did you get my e-mail?

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    Question Yes ....but did

    you get mine?? I replied to your Music account.

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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    JW Guest

    Ron, the Stage III.......

    I do know that hull is a ZT Turbo, but I think??? that the Stage III came next year when they lengthened the step at the rear of the sponsons. I tried to ask Sam once, but I dont think he remembered either. I guess it's been so long, it doesn't really matter!!
    So glad I sold it to you. You've really given that rig the time and attention and money it's deserved. Some day you'll have to shoot me an e-mail, let me know what it all $$ added up to (not including that LONG drive home of course )

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    I had the stage 3 it was a double cut sponson and about 2ft from the back of the sponson. I think rons is only cut once less than a foot from the rear. I would imagine it is a stage 2. and the ones that have no step are a stage 1. the ones that have the steps handle better and airout at sooner at lower speeds.
    slow boats

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    Question Well Spank my.........

    you know what! I never knew this. I cut and pasted Helmuts message and sent it to Mark Casper. In the Virage article, it says the turbo's have the stage three hulls. I guess this was for the '91 models. Thanks for the correction. I've edited my signature.

    Ron Pratt
    '91 Virage "The LAST Virage" 15" 280
    '89 Bayliner Trophy 21' "fish getter"

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