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    Question Boat Shelter Ideas

    I'm thinking of building a shelter to store the boat in, lookin' for ideas. Has anyone built anything like this, got any pictures for inspiration?

    Also has anyone done something like this with pipes or tubes as a frame?

    Thanks, alan.

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    A pair of 2x6's pounded into the ground one at each end, and a 2X4 between them above the boat. Use this to "tent" a vinyl tarp over the boat, secured down to the ground along the sides and tied up fore and aft...
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    Alan I don't know what kind of snow load you get but last winter I bought one of those pop up garages. Bunch of pipes that assemble and covered with a tarp. It collapsed. Popped it up again and it collapsed again. The snow load was now partially concentrated and partially held off the boat, the legs were still supporting even though bent and leaning.
    Anyway I have a crack in my bow because of it. My lesson now is either a full blown not collapsable garage like enclosure or one that uniformly does collapse like Pyros tent thing, which I used before, This at least uniformly loads the boat and you can clean it off if needed. Try taking a few feet off a collapsed structure!

    The lightly built tarped things also need quite a bit of tie down and stuff to keep them from lifting and sliding. Don't underestimate this wind load. The reason Pyro mentions pounding them in the ground.
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    Thumbs up They sell some car shelters

    around hear made of a square tubing frame and metal siding. They start at about $600. If you could bend your own tubing, I bet you could build a good one Cheap!

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    Thumbs up quik and easy

    I use two of these 10 x20.One for the truck and one for the boat.The wind can be an issue but it hasnt yet for me.I have mine cemented in five gallon buckets.Works great and the tops are only about $ 30.00 to replace every two years.Here is a link that you can buy them for $99.00 . www.maxtool.comlook under the catagory (tarps).then clik on canopy.
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    If you do the wood & tarp tent, get a huge, wide tarp and make it tall and steep. The snow will slide right off. Also a couple extra boards from the peak to the ground on each side will help keep it from sagging.
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    Im gonna try to post photos

    hear goes
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    Thumbs up #2

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    last one,
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    that`s what I have,Shadowman,here in snowy upstate N.Y.21x28,put tarps arond the frontsides and back and it worked great!!Our snow total was about 90 inches this winter,so I guess it works!!
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    Thanks guys, still just looking for ideas. Kinda leaning towards somthing more perminant than a tarp, something I can work on the boats in during the winter. I don't have to contend with the snow here, just rain, rain and yep, more rain. It might snow here every other year for a day or two, max 6 inches.

    Shadowman; thats similar to what I've been thinking, nice!

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    that canopy looks great., but I bet a foot of snow would crush it due to the direction of the corrigations....

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    not true,I had more than a foot of snow on it this winter and no problem.They have lots of options,mine had sixribs,was six ft.rise vs five ft.and more than served the purpose.I questioned the way the roof ribs ran but it wasn`t an issue.there are quite a few of these up here in the Adirondacks and I`ve yet to see or hear of one that failed.
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    Thumbs up They are a lot stronger than they look,

    Alot of people around here let the metal contine on down the sides and close off the ends, Kinda like an instant garage.

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    How much is one of those aluminum shelters in double car size? I'm planning to add on to the back of my garage, and I'm looking for inexpensive options. I could probably but one of those up to the back, cut out my back wall and put sides and a back on it.....

    Do you have a company name or contact info?
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