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    New racers??????

    Where does ALL other motorsports get their players from?

    Auto racing.....Karts! Here the kids start at age 7. Got 3 major local tracks and I don't know how many across the state. I know of 5 local dealers supplying everything needed to get into the sport.

    Motorcross.....Holy Chit! Extremely high risk! Was at Loretta Lynn's last weekend for the ATV nationals....over 800 riders and that don't include the bike guys that were there one week eariler! Starting age 6. There's cycle dealers everywhere and tracks are plentiful. No problem to tie up $30K in a bike that's obsolete in a couple years.

    Boat racing......Age?, Dealers?, Race sites with weekly or monthly schedules close to home?

    Ya want a big tree???? Got to plant some seeds first!!!!
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    still around

    Im ron myers and i still have my hst. I run it at the susquehanna river in Pa.


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    Mod VP

    Loved that class!...But after all of you have posted this I am disappointed that nobody has mentioned 2 very noteworthy individuals. First of these would be " Bear Davies" who for a few years tore the class up with his HST sponsored by " Bear's Place" in St.Paul, Mn. A nicer guy you'll never meet and whether he won or crashed he always had time for the fans in the pits. That's what really helped the sport.

    And the MOST OVERLOOKED individual is Ricky Comer. Take another look at all those old tapes. You'll notice a boat called " VisionCraft" .Very fast and he was taking the checkered flag at many events . A very competitive and cool boat. Ricky lost his life when his boat blew over. Ever the spokesman he was promoting the class, the sport, and his brand. But I never see anybody even mention his name. Well I feel compelled to do so because I knew him and need to let you know that you would have enjoyed being around him. He was a class act. We are all a bit the less of a " fast boat" community because of his death. He was a real competitor. Plus a great guy.

    We sorely need another " Nascar" OPC boating class. It's been talked to death but just doesn't seem to go anywhere. We're too worried about "Going Green" How many Nascar folks have you heard that from lately?
    I just like going fast.....without any BS. Mod VP was the MOST exciting class to watch from a spectator's point of view by far!

    (Epilogue...I was at the race and ready to sign up as dealer for " VisonCraft" the weekend that Ricky Comer was killed. It was won of the most difficult weekends I've ever had. Now there's an idea...find those molds and produce those boats)
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    The last I heard Glen Reynolds had the molds for vision craft. After Ricky's death Glen built several Vision and did very well with the boat in mod VP. They were a great rough water boat. Super Sport seems to be coming back in Florida. There are a number of good quality used boats available for this class.
    If Super sport is too slow consider SST 120. 120 is our biggest OPC Class and there are also very competitive quality rigs available. One that comes to mind is Kevin Ladd's boat. Chris Fairchild is selling this boat complete ready to win for $19K. I believe that includes props and everything.

    Donny McDowel who was an old Mod VP racer came back in Super Sport and moved to 120 a couple of seasons ago. He loves 120.

  5. i know this is very old but i thought i should at least chime in. my dad is ron myers and he still has his hst and runs it here in pa

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    There`s nothing wrong with digging up old threads. Especially good ones like this.


  7. Yeah its nice to get to hear what people have to say and I can speak of a few things too i see people talk about him sometimes so I thought I should let them know

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    My IOGP hat, is still part of my fan attire, when I go to motorsport racing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As an outboard tunnel boat fan, I still have my IOGP (International Outboard Grand Prix) hat.

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    Marvin Catrett was one of Mod-VP`s big names and his boats were always fast. His team was the Misty Blue" racing team and they ran a HydroStream Viking at first them moved to Sleek Craft boats and had several of those. They were always fast due to Marvin`s dedication and strive to win. We lost Marvin to canser yesterday.

    Rest in peace Marvin Catrett

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Boz View Post
    This might be an incredibly stupid question but is there still a Mod VP circuit?? I'm watching old races on tape and am completley in awe! I run an HST and low and behold, there's a bunch of HSTs' , Stokers, STV's. Unreal!!

    Anyone hear where guys like Chip Watkins or Rusty Campbell are?
    How about former HST guys like Richard Holzhauer, Ron Meyers, John Castelli, or Kevin Barret? Would any of their boats still be kickin' around or would they be ancient history?

    #4- Holzauer
    #23 Meyers
    #36 Catelli

    Barrets boat was run over in Maryland but looked repairable. Can't remember the numer of his; sixty something.

    We had races, F1 and Mod-VP in Winnipeg here back in 90-91.
    Stoker, Campbell, Reynolds (Allison). Anyone know why that circuit stopped running here?
    My dad is ron myers and he still has his HST. Still runs it here in pa

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