I have an offshore clamp with the heavy duty trim pump that's from a 2.4 and also a 280 bass can. Oildyne trim pump included as well. Only thing I don't have to include to make it a full setup is a tuner and the hydraulic lines. This is the setup I have used for the past 5 years on my Mirage and Euro. The trim ram leaks down over a 3 week period. I left it sit that long this Spring and it slightly leaked off. Appears that the nut/cap on top of the trim ram is where it's coming from. I'm assuming it can be tightened since it appears to be threaded there where its leaking and there are a few holes that it looks like a special tool would tighten it.

Only reason I'm selling is I decided to go a different route with the rigging on my Euro. I'm selling everything for $600 plus shipping. Best way to reach me is by cell phone/text at 570-660-4791. I'm going to work on getting pictures uploaded tonight as I just returned from vacation.