I am going in a different direction and have decided to sell my power head. It's a fresh 280 offshore fully dressed drop-on that was built by Mr. Noah Leger at Eagle One Performance in Panama City, Fl. No salt water. Never blown up, just made it new again. Sent it up north and had Re-Nickal sealed cylinders, all Mercury top pins, Race Koted, all new gaskets, never cut or ported. I just wanted it new. It has 3.5 hrs. of run time between Mr. Leger and myself. It dyno'd at 279.86. Still needs to be broke in. This is a full long block, completely dressed and ready to drop on. I sold my boat and it's just sitting in the shed for last couple years. It was fogged and I go out there occasionally and turn it. $7500.00. I also have a fat shaft sportmaster, fat shaft big eared clever, and fuel pump. If interested, my cell phone is 318-623-5304 (Central Louisiana)