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    20' Stoker SST For Sale


    1987 20' Stoker Sport Tunnel - Ski Model

    Garage Queen in LIKE NEW CONDITION!

    7 Color Gel-coat featuring a black base with candy red to burgundy fade on deck

    Full interior with seats for 7

    Excellent ski boat with polished aluminum ski pylon

    Twin 16-gallon capacity side tanks with electric cross over and filter

    5-1/2" custom set-back with integrated hydraulic jack plate

    Full gages with Mercury 10K tachometer and gage bezels

    Morse controls, cables and dual rack steering

    Foot Pedal with Morse 33C cable

    Gil offshore style aluminum battery box

    Boat is rigged for Mercury V-6 and includes: Clamp Bracket, Mid-Section, 1-piece Exhaust Plate/Tuner, Trim Pump and Hoses

    Tandem axle trailer in very good condition

    If you're looking for a FAST, COMFORTABLE, HEAD TURNING TUNNEL with ROOM for friends and family plus pull skiers like a tournament boat… THIS IS IT!

    Asking $15,999 as is


    EMAIL PAUL at for more information
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    how fast was the boat with the motor that was on it? also, any pics???

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    100+ with a 2.5 260 hp

    90+ with a carb 2.4 Mod VP

    Actual speeds depend on gearcase and prop selection.

    The boat does not like a Sportmaster!

    Bobs on a 200 style case is the hot set-up on this boat.

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    just curious is there power available with this rig or has it been sold/blown up ????

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    Could you post a couple of pics of boat?

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    Also please explain - boat does not like sportmaster. The boat does not like the 15in shaft length or it would prefer a 2.5/280 with 20 or 25in shaft length? I don't know so, just wondering why?
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    any idea of sportmaster mod

    To make it work on an sst?

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    does the boat have blowout problems with the sportmaster? what transom hieght are you running to get 100+. also, do you know if this boat is as flighty as the old sleekcraft sst? thanks

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    You Guys asked a lot of questions. Let's see if I can answer (remember) them all:

    ENGINE HT. varies with props generally 1/2" to 3/4" above the pad. Keep in mind I run this boat with 7 1/2" set back.

    Boat runs equally well with 20" or 15" motors. Whoever asked about 25" shaft length, you get a time out!

    Sportmaster does not blow out. It handles well enough (after I modified the skeg). It handled like sh*t before the modifications. The thing is the boat is much faster with a stock 200 case and a Bob's nose cone.

    I have a 2.4 MOD VP CARB available.

    There is a possibility I could make a 2.5 Nikasil 245 HP CARB, a 2.5 260 EFI and a '98 Drag Motor available.

    I can also get you any new Mercury Outboard at terrific prices.

    Email me directly and tell me what you want to do.


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    LOL I knew the 25 shaft was out of the question - but I just couldn't resist throwing it in. We need pics! Please?

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    How much for the boat without power? Would like to see some pics if you have them. You can e-mail them to


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    STOKER 20' SST

    Here are the answers to a few questions I missed.

    The STOKER 20 SST is DRASTICALLY different than the Sleekcraft hull. The Stoker is not at all flighty. I've run the boat 112 mph in complete control. Believe me I know the difference. A bunch of guys around here ran Sleekcrafts. There were probably 6 or 7 Sleeks around here at one time or another. As far as I know, they all blew over at least once! STOKER has no such tendancy. Alan designed the hull to run extremely fast and level. As far as construction there is no comparison with Sleekcraft. This Stoker was layed up by Eliminator. Gelcoat and workmanship are as good as it gets in the custom boat industry.

    Power was a 2.5 260 EFI and was sold a year or two ago. Other engines could be made available. EMAIL me and let me know what you want for power.

    Pictures are not available. However, my daughter recently got a digital camera. If I can borrow it (and figure out how to use it) I might be able to get some pics on the site or available to email. For the time being, close your eyes and imagine a brand new 1987 Stoker 20' SST with a 7 color gel featuring a black base color with Mercury race colors (reds, orange, yellow) in stripes and a candy red deck that fades to burgundy around the edges. It's also got a 1/8" purple pin stripe in there somewhere. Interior is pearl white with color stripes to match exterior. Dark red carpet.

    If you have a good imagination, you won't be far off!

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  13. Hey Rocketman

    these guy are tough...did you sell that beauty will make some a great friend...good luck

  14. Hey Rocketman

    these guy are tough...did you sell that beauty will make some a great friend...good luck

  15. Hey Rocketman

    these guy are tough...did you sell that beauty will make some a great friend...good luck

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