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    record setting allison drag boat for sale

    I have the two wheel bug now. Something about a HARLEY has won me over, and im gonna need some major $$$ to build this new fatboy into a "pro-street" roller, so the wife says the dragboat needs to go.
    My new bottom style yr. model 2001 ally drag boat is for sale. The boat has never been titled, i have always ran it under my dealer tags- so we can even finance it for you as a new boat at the incredibally low new boat interest rates.
    A little history: This one was the first new bottom out of the mold in august 2000. We immediately took it to the ODBA race in september at south carolina. We only had two weeks of set up, but we dominated the super stock class that weekend with an old, well worn 260 that had never had a wrench to it. They protested us and tore us down, they just could not believe it was that quick. They were in shock when two head bolts twisted off from corrosion upon tear down. The motor we used that weekend was actually a well worn stock 260 that had not been cared for very much!! Needless to say, we passed tech. Throughout the 2001 season, i attempted to run the boat in super stock with a stock merc 280 (that is what mother mercury provided me with, so i ran what they wanted me to run). The boat was not successful with the low revving 280, so it did not win.
    Then for the september 2001 event in plymouth NC, i built a new 2001 SVS drag motor to take full advantage of the modified production class rules.
    We set the ODBA speed record at 113.9468MPH. At 40+lbs Overweight, We proved we had a winning boat. At the same event, we ran it in the Pro-Gas class with the same exact motor, only a different-small diameter XR style gearcase, and we ran the second fastest speed in that class.
    Then we ran in jasper Oct. 2001. Mod production we got 5th place. Pro-gas, 6th place. If you were there you may remeber a pass i made against the infamous "dave busch". I photo-finished within inches of him. This boat is real fast.
    For the 2002 season, i did not run the boat until japser. I ran in the mod production class. We had very bad luck at the event after a few rounds the #&^$*@ prop broke a blade. Again, if you were there- you saw the boat absolutely dust the first several competitors. On the run against spencer toon, the prop cracked- we knew that because the E.T. and MPH were way down from the previous passes. Then we lined up against Jerry Petifer and pulled ahead, then at app. 3/4 track, the blade came off. So we went out.
    I think the history of this boat speaks for itself. If you are SERIOUS about owning a true drag boat, this is the boat for you.
    I am selling the boat with at least ONE of the engine combinations i own. However, if you wish to be competitive in several classes, i will sell it with all three of them.
    The boat is white. It has had the bottom modified and blueprinted winter of 2001 by Darris at allison. He and glenn tested this boat extensively last winter and modified the bottom to handle the HP that my pro-gas engine put out. Gauges are simple and straightforward. Tach, Digatron EGT, water pressure, Stainless marine mechanical trim indicator. Merc control box. Electrical system is set-up for 24 volts to crank and trim up, 12 for down. Has battery placement changeable to accomadate heavy driver with all batts in rear, or light driver with one batt in rear and one in front. Allison steering wingplates. Allison safety yoke on midsection. Allison jackplate. Billet wedges optimized for best dragrace holeshot. Gearcase is a coned/profiled specifically for this boat torquemaster CNC modified to accept the "double upper driveshaft bearing" used in sportmasters. All gears and shafts are cryogenically treated. Entire mid/lower unit stress relieved on meta-lax vibratory stress relief machine. Weldon fuel pump, aeroquip plumbing, aluminum race fuel cell.
    The 15" midsection is modified to evacuate the exhaust freely above the gearcase. Trailer is single axle, aluminum wheels, matching spare, black clearcoat, ss fenders, surge brakes.
    Powerhead #1 NEW 2001 drag w/SVS built for mod production, balanced/lightened/ported/relieved, etc. The other pertinent mods to this engine will be shown to the buyer in person only! I hope you can understand that i will not discuss exact mods that were done to this engine for the mod prod. class unless you are the buyer, cause it just would not be good to reveal our secrets to anyone, unless they buy it. this engine was only ran at jasper this yr. complete with all NEW electronics
    If you come here to buy it, i will gladly tear down to whatever level you wish to inspect it, and re-assemble it for you.
    Powerhead #2 NEW 2000 virgin untouched drag. Airhorn style, big rod, top pinned pistons. Stock as delivered from merc racing. I will exchange the26cc heads for the low compression heads that make it legal for 2003 ODBA super stock class if you wish. complete with all new electronics
    Powerhead #3 NEW OLD STOCK 260 vintage 98. never been ran. Currently disassembled for stress relieving, So i can assemble it however you want it- big rod or little rod, single ring or double ring pistons, hi comp or low comp.-etc. electronics are used from a 99 drag motor.
    3 true yamaha drag props, each one suits each engine/class combination- two worked by tim hackney, one by tillman.
    This rig has been set-up/tuned/ byGlenn Reynolds, Jeff Calbaugh and myself and driven by veteran boat racer Glenn Reynolds and myself.
    You will find that absolutely no expense has ever been spared in this project. I do it right, or i do not do it. I am not ashamed to tell you up front, if you are looking for recycled CHEAP parts-you will not find them on this boat. If you are looking for a hi-quality race ready package set up and rigged by professionals and bottom modified by the master himself(darris) this is the boat for you.
    For more information, email or call me. 502-543-6774 Tony Reynolds
    Tony Reynolds, Reynolds & Reynolds Racing

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    XR2001 wanted

    I am interested in the boat but I want to run SS class do you have a turn the key setup for me. Preferable 260 set up
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    Hey Jason you wouldn't happen to be from Greenville would you? Haven't seen you out on the lake this year. Do you still have that 2002? IF you want to get rid of it, lemme know.


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    Good luck with the boat sale, but if you want a Pro-Street bike sell the Harley and build one from scratch.. It'll be cooler, and the money probably won't be much different..
    Currently involved in activity that can only break one piston at a time......

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    jason, i am sending you a private message concerning the boat.
    tony reynolds
    Tony Reynolds, Reynolds & Reynolds Racing

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    Allison drag

    Thank you for the reply. Do yall have that kind of set up?

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    To Trimtab

    Yah I am from greenville. Remember when I seen you at Billys with my boat? I picked up some wood from the river stuffed my water jackets, it got #6. so I had JSRE build me a drag motor. I had him put all the best stuff in it , I will be home Thursday august 14th to break in the motor and try some setups, call me. You got to see this motor. It wil make you want to buy one of those little black motors "MERCURY" :D :D
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    I think I'll stay grey right now. I've had my eye on a hydrotec stage III kit though. I've heard that Jay does a really nice job. I'll give you a buzz. Tony, sorry for taking over your thread guy. Good luck selling that bad Alley. If I had the $$$ I'd take it off your hands right now.

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    allison for sale


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