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Thread: Allison XR2001

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    Allison XR2001

    Boat is SOLD!!! Going to a good home. Thanks S&F

    Allison XR2001 River Racer - All new rigging, gauges, seat covers, hydraulic steering, jackplate, etc.
    VERY detailed and clean rigging - will leave trim pump, fuel pump, fuel system, hydraulic steering, jackplate, etc.
    boat weighed 1408 lbs with a 20" 260, a few gallons of gas and me at 195 lbs.
    The bottom of the boat is gelcoat and is absolutely perfect. The rest is paint done by Jack Barsh at Full Throttle Powerboats.
    Boat & Trailer - $10,500
    Here is a link to my photobucket album on this boat with tons of pictures:

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    wow! Gorgeous!!!!!!
    I'd rather be competitive w/junk I built in my garage than win w/stuff I bought.

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    Beautiful boat. What type of paint did you use?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Bull View Post
    Beautiful boat. What type of paint did you use?

    Bull, not sure of the brand. Jack @ FTP got the paint. But it is a base/clear coat.

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    I drooled over this thing for quite a while before buying my xr. One of the best looking rx01s on the planet. GLWS.

    Team Junk

    No sparkling wiggles in here, only dump truck grinches.

    "Screamin Heathen"

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    Very nice! What year model hull?

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    Phone # is 803-960-2905.
    The boat is a 1992 model.

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