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    I`ve never raced in this class but have heard several discriptions of these stock powerheads. Compression readings range from 150lbs to 190lbs. They are non painted meaning Merc High Performance. What gives.


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    SST 120 is a 2 litre powerhead with horizontal reeds either 4 or the earlier 5 petal type. They turn left handed and have fixed timing and 26cc heads. The carbs have slosh tubes and baffles. They use a 24 volt starting system. Rpms are anywhere from 7500-9400 They sit on a 12 inch mid and turn a 14:15 speed master.

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    That sounds pretty much what i thought. Been around um for years but never knew the details. Are the SST-140`s also simi stock?


  4. This is what the first SST-120 motors looked like. Formula 2. Yes, it's in my apartment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MN4V View Post
    This is what the first SST-120 motors looked like. Formula 2. Yes, it's in my apartment.

    Mark N
    Very cool! Bobby, I've been to a bunch of 120 races and they always attract a full field and put on a hell of a show. Some of the best tunnel boat racing I've seen. Can get into a mid level package fairly reasonable too.
    I believe they are now running the 200 XS's in this class succesfuly too. Pretty cool to see but would suck to all of a sudden have to go buy a $20K motor to be competitive.
    I'd rather be competitive w/junk I built in my garage than win w/stuff I bought.

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    Internally the SST 120 is very similar to a 2 liter fishing 135 or 150 hp. Ports in the motor are:
    1 Exhaust, 2 transfers and a boost. (piston port)

    the exhaust chest has a square outlet and what most people remember about 120's is how heavy they are compared to other Mercury engines. - These 120 motors weigh a good 15 to 20 lbs heavier then other mercury engines due to cast in iron bore and a portion of the exhaust chest.

    Nonetheless, they are great engines that are hard to break. My picture under my signature is a 120 motor pushing a white pugh tunnel boat.

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