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    New Glastron Carlson CVX 20 Intimidator (Porsche power coming...)

    Love these boats, run mid 60's on stock 260hp & a modern prop. Performing a full restoration & conversion, Porsche-style; paint colors, new interior, & Porsche power plant.

    Any other Intimidator owners on this forum??

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    Why Porsche power? Didn`t Glastron make that boat in a big block version? Seems like i remember that.
    My Dad bought a new CVX-20 outboard in 1977. Beautiful boat, Silver/white with a tiny red pin. It would have been a better boat with a pad. A few guys raced Mod-VP with "special" ones that had a pad from the factory and they ran much faster and handeled way better. You should think about adding one to your boat.


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    Why not Porsche power? Everyone runs either a SB or a BB, why not a really small turbocharger SB

    The normal CVX's (most common by a huge margin) had a 300hp Ford 460 Jet, ran about 52mph or so. The Intimidator's ran 10mph faster with 260hp Mercruiser setup. There were also the outboard versions of the CVX as well as few others with slight deviations. Pretty boats!

    I'll investigate the pad, thanks!


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    K, the Intimidator had a hook the the stern of the v-hull, so there's no pad at the back: the V & the hook were added for stability as Carlson wanted his boats to handle, be secure on the water. The CVX 18's came with a pad & were more for speed, being about as-fast as the Intimidator but (probably) without the handling or stability.

    Plus, the Intimidator is GOOOOOOOD looking!
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    Your right on all counts but remember what i said. "The boats that had the flat pad were special for racing only". They were also lighter and all were outboard. Powerboat did an artikle about one and i think the guys name was Allen Miller. Maybe the intimidator don`t need a pad at it`s normal speed but when you start adding turbos/hp the speed will rise and thats when the pad will shine.


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    The boat should be mid 70's with the mods I'm doing and that's still pretty quick. Handling & stability are a must on my river.

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    What Porsche power? Cayenne Turbo?

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    It seems like an interesting project.

    I just keep thinking that the boat was designed for a big throaty American V8 engine though. It is kind of like putting a Porsche engine in a classic Mustang.

    Ive always thought those boats would be a perfect match for an LT-1 or one of the new supercharged shelby motors.

    Good luck with the project. Let us know how you are coming along.
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    Well, the primary purpose of the boat is three fold:
    -The challenge
    -To cruise Lake Austin the 12 mile stretch to/from my house to Hula Hut
    -To show.

    Challenge: plopping in a crate engine or any other ford/chevy is too common, expected to a degree. Sure the engines are cheaper & HP comes up readily but I have 4 Porsche's & this would be #5: just for the coolness factor.

    I have an extra 5.0 928 32v engine & an extra 944Turbo engine. Both of these engines are vastly underrated outside the Porsche community, and the 944T engine (aka 951) would give me great power/torque (450/450 range reliably on a stock engine) and still get decent gas mileage since my common journey is so long. Also, since the lake is very cold (under 70d constantly), it's a perfect cooling platform for water/oil, water/air, water/coolant exchangers. A modern ballbearing turbocharger will give me the low-end torque needed, all the mid-range I want & since most boats don't turn past 55-5800rpm, that's also the sweet spot of the cam/torque curve.

    It's also light...even with all the exchangers I'll be under the weight of the stock 350cu that came with the boat.


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    Exposed engine bay? If not, how do you manage hot side heat?

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    my buddy's with TT Lambos & Ferrari's have their systems wrapped 2x with Titanium DEI heat wrap: you can place your hands on it it's so cool.

    No, the engine lids are too cool to leave off or modify I'll run a few big heat pumps In/out + the wrap.

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    I agree with GregPro, it seems to ruin the overall theme of the boat "like putting a Porsche engine in a classic Mustang".

    Besides all that I think you will make a mess and waste a lot of time and money. The boat in the picture is a friend of my Dad's. It had mega bucks spent on it. It started out with a huge horsepower turbo'd Buick V6 like they used at Indianapolis for a while. The low torque at low RPM of the small engine did not work with the pitch it took for it to run the top end number without over rev. They put a 3 speed transmission in it but still never got it right. It now has a 572 big block Chev with an 8-71 or 10-71 blower. You can get big power out of little motors with a lot of boost but the trick is to get a wide powerband that a boat requires and that is what is hard with the little motors. .
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    Agreed. However...the 951 engine is a fully forged, all aluminum 2.5l built for endurance racing (on-boost) so coupled with a MAF conversion & a quick-spooling Ballbearing turbocharger, It should make 250tq at 2000, 350tq by 3,000, etc. This is a lightweight 2200lb hull and there are even 4-cyl 115-150hp variations of outboards to some of these boats as well: My boat only requires 260hp/300tq to run 65mph @ 5500rpm. The new motor will make 430/450 @ 5500rpm so the only other issue is possibly getting it up on plane, but with a BB turbocharger properly sized, this won't be an issue.

    Turbocharger technology has drastically changed in the last 12-15 years. There are no huge trade-offs any more, unless you're looking for big power and low-end torque out of a small motor. My boat model presents a physics-barrier at the 70mph mark, so striving to sail past that would require big power; not something I can expect to surpass with my tiny powerplant but that's not the purpose of the motor/boat.

    Purpose is 1; cause it's never been done
    2; cause I have a love for Porsche's
    3; cause all my Porsche's are turbocharged.
    4; cause I have a long journey (from my house to the local restaurant)
    5; cause the 4cyl would get decent mileage (eh, doesn't hurt to throw that out there...though mostly irrelevant on this thread.

    If for whatever reason I dont' like how it turned out, I have an extra 5.0 liter all-aluminum Porsche V8 I could toss in there, but only makes 370hp/370tq NA...on boost that's different.


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    Sounds like a great project to me, especially since you already have the engines! I love seeing different stuff, keeps it interesting. And like you said, that powerplant should work great for your boat and intended purposes.

    1995 Allison XB-2003, 225 Promax
    2002 Trans Am, pulls the boat fine.

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    Sounds cool their want be another one around

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