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    1990 seabold tunnel

    Hey fellas

    My buddy found a 1990 seabold tunnel for sale, and asked me to post as to how this would perform with a 2.5 280 on back which is what he would rig if he bought it. I posted a while back re. a center steer eagle one which he did end up buying and we rigged th 2.5 on that. His heart has been set on a 4 seater all along so this is the 1st tunnel that popped up in our neck of the woods.

    Many thanks in advance give me the good bad and ugly!


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    they made two different lengths. An 18 ft and a 20ft.

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    Hey thanks for reply was hoping someone would dawn some light on this, it is an 18ft! Any other comments would be greatly appreciated

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    deeper tunnels than a mirage or stv. Handles rough water a lot better than both because of that reason. Not as fast as the mirage or stv with same power but with a 280 should touch 100 with the right setup.

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