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    Critchfield 16ft Tunnel Hull Mold

    I recently acquired this Critchfield 16ft tunnel hull boat mold from the Jacksonville Fl area. The man i bought it from said he knew the Critchfields and said it was one of Danny Critchfield's earlier race boat molds. I just bought it but i havent picked it up and brought it home yet, so these are the only pictures i could get so far. I think its pretty neat, myself. I plan on trying my luck at using the mold. Just thought I would share, sorry if this is the wrong section.

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    Does anyone know anything about this hull? I would love to learn some history on it

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    I didn't know that Danny made a tunnel--I thought it was just the open v-bottom, then the decked over v-bottom. Look for Ronster (may be ronster43) on Scream & Fly--his Dad Jeff Titus and Danny were pretty close. He could probably tell you about the hull.
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    I knew Danny very well, owned several of his boats, still have 2 of his 18's. I don't remember ever seeing a glass tunnel. There were molds laying around behind the shop, maybe one of them? Jim Hunt (olegator) may recognize them.

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    The man i bought the mold from, his name was Lonnie something... I didnt get his last name, said he knew Danny pretty well. I will have to ask him the story again when i see him possibly this weekend. He said he was at a friends of his house a while back when he 1st came upon the mold. He asked his friend ( who also knew the Critchfields) where the mold was from. The friend replied that it was one of Danny's molds and they struck up a deal or whatever. Lonnie estimated that it was built around 78. He also said that very very few boats were made from this mold. I will have to talk to him again when i go pick up the mold and get the names i cant remember. So far this is all that I know, whether or not it is a Critchfield or not, it makes a pretty neat boat. Hopefully someone will chime in and solve the mystery. Thanks guys

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    Just for the record, where exactly was the Critchfield shop in Jacksonville? And by the way im going off what i was told about it being 16ft. I did not have a way to measure it exactly. Thanks for the input though guys.
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    Sign up over at http://www.********************/forums/index.php I am sure you will get a full history on it maybe even a couple of owners there is a lot of older more knowledgeable racers on there.

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    Must be a conflict but the site is boat racing facts forums .

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    Cool Danny's shop was on sunbeam rd.

    I knew him up until about 78-79 when I started going to sea, and he began building on his own but I had no experince with the small race boats he got into around then. Jerry Hastings owns advanced marine near the original site is stll there and Jinksam on here works there and may be able to help get some info from Jerry. Danny and Jerry were close friends. hope that may help. fun out
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    The shop was in the same industrial area as Full Trottle Powerboats is now . I drove there in 1986 -87 to pick up a boat for sale at Dolphin Marine Canvas to develop a Tee Top when I started my business in 86 . He had just been killed in a MVP to my best recollection . Sad .
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    Well, the mold is in Arlington which is a few miles from where their shop was, so it is plausable that it could have came from their shop. But then again it has gone through 2 owners. I will try to get the remaining peices of the story this weekend.

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    Lonny , use to post on here .
    I cant remember his screen name , RaceMore maybe .
    I'm sure Yellow Allison , or Spanky might know something about this .

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    I work with the man that probadly knew him best, jerry hastings.

    If we are talking about the same lonnie (racemore) the last name would be gilmore.

    I do belive that there is a pic of the boat at the shop with danny. I will look in the monring if so i will post it. Also see if i can get jerry to talk about it. He dont talk about danny much.

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    Just hung up with jerry danny passed in jan/feb of 87 to the best of his memory. Dannydid build a 15/16 ft tunnel that he ran 3cyl omc on.

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    Wow, just wow.. you guys are a big help, and i am very appreciative. Jenksam, if you could find that picture that would be just awesome. I really appreciate all of the help and knowledge, i find this very very interesting. I would like to learn all that i can about this. Thanks again

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