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Thread: Paint question?

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    Paint question?

    Guys i have heard there is a way to paint your boat with a roller and brush and it comes out like glass. Is this possible and how does it really come out? I have only been able to find one brand so far and it's Interlux Perfection. Are they the only brand?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sterling & Awlgrip also have a good product. I did the deck and coach of a 36' Seafarer with Interthane which was the early version of Perfection and it did come out like it had been sprayed. Although I used the correct Interlux primer and wet sanded befor final coat. In the end I was happy with the result but can't begin to tell ya the hours I had in the job.
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    i have seen houseboat sides painted with rustoleum marine paint that turned out good rolled and tipped, tim ,and our local stripe guy on houseboats rolls imron looks very good,
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    Thanks guys i will look into all your recomendations. It's a 19' Reaction cc so it isn't much boat to paint.

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    This fella's pretty good at it:

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    doing it right now with petit topside off white,really looks good.i was really surprised.dont use a fuzzy nap as all the fuzz will come off in the paint,i use a fiberglass roller nap and always keep the brush in solvent and keep clean.donr roll more than you can brush either.the tech support at petit said it can even be wetsanded and polished!,but for a big boat i think it is definatly a better way then spraying.will take some picsand let the owner post them

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    Thanks Bulldog i would love to see some actual pictures.

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