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    Obama appoints Korean to head World Bank

    "President Barack Obama on Friday nominated Dartmouth College
    president Jim Yong Kim to succeed Robert Zoellick as the head of the World Bank,
    picking a Korean-born former HIV/AIDS official with the World Health
    Organization to lead the anti-poverty institution."

    Here we go again with another foreign born appointee to a position he has no credentials to qualify him for. Not one mention of training in finance or anything on the resume to show him as a good choice except that he is NOT an American born citizen. This falls right in line with Obama's agenda. I am not sure if he's too dumb to see the need to fill positions with qualified, experienced people, whether it is the fact that he had no qualifications or experience himself for the job he has, or whether good people just will not accept an appointment from him, but it figures.

    Secretary of Energy: Steven Chu, a Chinese who thinks $8. a gallon gasoline is good for the U.S. He is a nobel prize winning scientist with apparently NO education or experience in economics. It is painfully obvious each time we buy gas.

    First Car Czar: Some snot nosed law school graduate who had not even passed the bar exam yet. Drove to Washington with his dog in the front seat and clothes in the trunk to assume his new position. Admitted that he had never been in a car manufacturing plant and knew nothing about the auto industry. NO education or experience in finance or economics.

    I am sure there are many more similar appointees with absolutely no experience in the areas they are appointed to run. We have got to get this lunatic out of office before he finds a Russian to appoint to head the Department of Defense or an Al Quiada general released from Guantanamo to head Homeland Security.

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    Hell Obama himself has no real experience, so that doesn't really surprise me at all.

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    Is this WAR on the White American Male or "What" We had better wakeup soon.

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