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    For The Boys Boat Reunion ,,, just befor TAX day

    ForThe Boys Boat Reunion “The Totally FREE boating event...
    RoadheaverBoys Ranch would like to invite all boaters to come to Quality Innpalatka for several days of festivities all in an effort to collectfor our boys need's . When you come to the For the Boys Boat Reunion. Bring with you a NEW set of clothes shoes underwear socks beltsPJ’s Shorts deodorant jeans pants T-shirt dress clothes jacket andcoats wallets school bags anything that a boy would take pride inwearing and having . Many of our boys may not have a family that canprovide for them so please … Bring those all with you on theSaturday boat run to the Out Back Crab Shack [or to the Quality Innpalatka.]
    On Friday April 12 We will have a lunch run midday up to the Welakalodge for lunch and back to the Host hotel for dinner and a live Bandparty This party isFREE
    .On Saturday We will have a10AM captains meeting to be followed bythe11:30 lunch run to the Outback crab shack .to drop off the giftsand donations
    ThenBack to the Host hotel for alive auctions where bargains can be foundin abundance . This will be followed by dinner an a live band party This prty also Free We are also looking for vendors who would like toshow at this event the concession fee is also FREE .
    Bookrooms early at the Quality INN 386 328 3481
    Formore Info Call Rus 407 760 3481 or E-mail love bringing this to you and all you have to buy is your ownmeals and some cool stuff for the BOYS . We welcome all to come outand have a Great time ...
    Thank You For Being So Nice

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    Same weekend as River Ranch.

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    what event is better ? is there a live band at the River Ranch ? Can we make it to both ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine patty View Post
    what event is better ? is there a live band at the River Ranch ? Can we make it to both ?

    P.M. Sent!!!

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    thank you Corona

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    Rus your event has two live band paties who are the bands

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    hey rus send me some info on your event . , that River Ranchsounds great as you stated in your post , but I feelit better to do something to benifit others

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raceboat Rus View Post
    but it seems that corona is eager to haveyou at the RR I am sure you will have a great time there ...

    c'mon man, she asked a question corona took the high road answering it by sending a PM so as not to effect possible turnout at the for the boys event. passive-aggressive jab at corona unnecessary IMHO. i do wish you the best of luck with your event, sounds like a really good cause and sucks that it is on the same weekend as one of the biggest events of the year. hope you collect a lot of clothes and help the boys.
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    Well then, give her a $50 bottle of booze and don't let her know about the hookers, or what you spend on them
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    oh no. i just realized I am the voice of reason on a thread. i am so done, RIP 1Bad.

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    Looking forward to the run. The old california cruiser will be there. Made hotel res last wk.

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