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    Anyone a Uhaul dealer??

    I own/operate a small tire business. This morning a field manager from Uhaul stopped by to see if I would be interested in becoming a dealer. From what the brochure and he says, no franchise fees, no capital investment, they provide all signs/advertising. Basically I just park a couple trucks/trailers/vans or whatever at my place, do the renting crap on the computer when somebody rents one and collect my commissions. Anyone here do this? Or have any experience with this? Any investment that will make me more money without costing me any is worth looking into, but Im just trying to find out if its worth it or if theres anything i need to know about. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    hey its not a bad deal if you in a good areato be seen i had a used car lot awhile back and it worked out god for extra $$$$ not much work but then i sold car lot and moved it to my other business and it was in a ind park wasnt to bad had same # but had a hard time geting the trucks to rent but if they say they will keep so many trucks at your shop you will do good alot can be made if they treat you good they have alot of perks too good luck go for it if it doesnt work you loose nothing

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    I was thinking the same thing...if it doesn't work out i wont lose anything.

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