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    2009 mercury 3.2 stroker

    i have a 2009 mercury 300 for sale. this motor has barely been used. ( just no time to fish) i had the hours checked on 9/8/11. it has 24 hours on it . i get some asap but its in excellent condition. im asking 12,500$ please call if interested. please only serious calls!!!!! my # is 903-330-0656 shane . be sure to call me about this motor ! i have no time to use the computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Does it have a sporty?
    Where are you located?

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    Does it have a sporty?
    Where are you located?

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    Labsport, he is in Indale, texas. One only post. Give him a call, will only cost a couple of bucks. Your choice.
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    why hasnt anyone bought this engine yet?

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