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    Piranha Hydrobite Prop

    Has anyone here tried one of these props, or know anyone who has?

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    If anyone cares... Piranha e-mailed today & said the HydroBite was for 150 HP & above.

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    I had a Piranha about 15 years ago with the plastic hub and interchangeable blades. It was the worst prop I have ever owned. It felt like I was losing pitch and cavitated all the time. AND the blowout ring just snapped on. I lost it the first time I used the prop, and had to get another one, which I riveted on.

    I don't know if they are any better now, but I would definitely ask for a test ride before I bought another one.

    The good news is I slod it for what I paid for it, even with the riveted blow-out ring.

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    Thanks for the reply, bakerfreak. I was looking at it as an alternate way to figure out prop needs on a boat/motor combination. Seems to me, it's a lot cheaper and faster than swapping out high dollar props. Figured I'd find what worked with the Piranha, give the figures to a good prop man, then order what I need in a SS prop. I'd keep the Piranha as a spare. I really don't want to use it full time, just to establish my needs & as a spare.

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