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    How to get more power from my outboard?

    Hi guys

    I lack the knowledge of outboard motors short of doing basic maintenance so I am sure someone here can help. I have only been boating for a few years but learning.

    I have a stock 2000 Mercury 2-STROKE (Series 60ELPTO) .
    Currently a SS 10 x 14p prop.
    Nauticus smart tabs are installed, it gets on top NOW.
    I can't put a bigger motor on the back b/c I am pushing the weight limit now.

    Short of spending a huge amount of money here, is there anything I can do to my motor to get more power/ hp ?
    I have also looked into props, they just dont make the pitch I need/want.
    As of this w/end, I will be installing some jacks/manual adjusting mounts. I can get my motor up another 3 1/2 inches. This should help.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    We make composite reeds that improve overall performance,Chris

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    Sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea what these/this is?
    I even googled the term, "composite reeds" and found a lot of
    people talking about them but not telling what they are.
    Something to do with the valves I believe.
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    Basically speaking the reeds are the intake valves on a two stroke. They open and close in relation to the piston position. The various composits used can enhance the performance. They are located behind the carbs mounted on the reed block.

    Just to give you a general Idea see section 23 & 24 on attached schematic.

    2334-95630MREED VALVE34-81268M
    2434-92634M--REED SET (REED STOPS NOT INCLUDED) (click here) 34-84414M

    Be carefull raising your engine to high due to loosing water pressure. I don't know if Bobs Machine Low Water Pick up will work on your 60 lower. But it would be worth a call to him.
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    A quality tune up is the cheapest way to improve overall performance. Find another prop or two of different pitch for different use such as sking vs high speed fishing. After that start spending money because it's not about how fast you wanna go, it's about the size of your wallet. Ha Ha.

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    Reeds are the least expensive aftermarket thing you can do to your motor, but in general major work on smaller motors like a 60 yields less results than finding a stock motor just a little bigger

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    Thanks for the information guys.I have done a fresh tune up just before boating season started here.I have found a local prop shop that does custom props, haven't talk to them yet, this week I will stop by there. As for the reeds, I am very interested. Is there a web site that talks, explains and how to install theses.Not sure if I would do this myself.
    I would like to learn more about these.
    If you think this is fun, wait til next weekend!

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    Click on the sponsor link on this forum(technical),Chris

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    Unfortunately that motor's not a good candidate for performance mods. Other than reeds (Carson's would be my choice) and a tune up, you're pretty much done.

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