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    40hp mercury with jet drive

    How hard is it to change the water pump impeller on 40hp mercury with a jet drive. Do you have to disasseble the jet drive to gain access or does it unbolt like a regular lower unit?

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    Depends on how the actual jet foot is attached. I have one for my 25 and I got to pull the intake grate, jet impeller, then the entire housing like you would a typical lower. Then replace the water pump as usual.
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    You'll have to take off the 6 nuts that hold the shoe on, then you will remove the impeller. You will have to remove four bolts that go up through the pump to the mid section. Make sure it's the four on the outside not the four smaller ones that bolt the bearing carear to the pump. There will be another bolt on the back of the midsection that bolt down threw the midection to the pump. After removing all of those bolts the pump should come off. The water pump should be the same as a prop motors. Hope this helps.

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